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Starcraft 2 - Goliath (beta)
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 16th February, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 236

I am creating a action game based on graphics, sounds etc from the original Starcraft game.

You control a Terran Goliath and have to battle waves of Zerg, collecting minerals to upgrade your gear.

Between each level you can spend the minerals you collected on upgrades, new weapons, research and items.

You walk with a 8 directional movement using W,A,S,D and aim\fire with your mouse pointer.

So far the game have 5 waves of enemies (wave5 being almost impossible)

- - -

Here is what the game has to offer (* not yet included)

Aim with infinite accuracy
Online hiscore

basic turret
machine gun
glave spikes
*flame thrower


Fire rate
*energy (for use with alternate weapon's to come)

Points boost - increases score by 1% after each level, or by minerals amount after each level.
Inferno - increases damage dealt by weapon 4 and 5
Magnetize - easier collection of minerals and powerups

Health pack
Spider mine

*Alternate (right click) weapons:
Ignite\Smite\Shock - direct damage
Rockets (same as regular weapon)
Storm - area damage
Nuke - huge blast zone

*Gems that can be awarded after each game if the player gets a good score:
Emerald - additional lives
Sapphire - additional minerals
Ruby - additional fire rate
Amber - additonal energy
Jet - additional points
and some more rare gems that are more powerful.

on the main menu you will have a "gem collection" button, where you can choose any 3 or 5 gems to start the game with.

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Posted by b0z0 17th February, 2010

Awesooooome. You have to make this online.
Posted by Silveraura 17th February, 2010

You're making a fangame of the original game with the name and logo of a game that's been announced, and isn't even released yet? You're even using the same logo, plus your addition. *confusion*
Posted by SoftWarewolf 17th February, 2010

its mainly because i couldn't find a good "starcraft" logo without the "II" behind it.

the game is not finished, so everything is open to change, even the name.

when the starcraft 2 beta is released, i might be able to rip some more graphics there, so it includes more elements from both games.

how do you mean "online"? the original plan was to make this a java web applet, but the runtime just isn't good enough, it was working but sometimes crashing randomly, and with all the stuff i have now it's just sluggish and crashing every time.
Comment edited by SoftWarewolf on 2/17/2010
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 17th February, 2010
Rated :

Very nice game, I liked it !
Posted by Sgamer8t88 18th February, 2010

Great Game really enjoyed it.
Posted by Assault Andy 18th February, 2010
Rated :

That was pretty fun. Nice game.
Posted by Noah2006 18th February, 2010

Copyright Blizzard !
Posted by Sgamer8t88 19th February, 2010

hey is is totally allowed to make this and give it out he just can sell it. as long as he dose not sell it the copyright cant effect him at all.
Posted by alastair john jack 19th February, 2010

Pretty nice. You should call it Starcraft 3 though.
I would like sound effect for collecting crystals and a HUD indicator for weapons you own.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 19th February, 2010

Hope you are right Sgamer
The game is totally free, so i doubt they will bother to take action.

there is a crystal-collect sound, its just low-volume because i was worried it would be annoying.

there will be some sort of indicator for your weapons, and also a item-bar
Posted by Rocketron 22nd February, 2010
Rated :

Nice game,
some suggestions I think would be good:
You should make it so the special abilities when you add them can be bought with vespene gas (collected in the same way as minerals, dropped by expensive units like ultras, or in a unique way if you can think of a nice one)

You should also add more of the spells from starcraft, like stasis field, maelstrom, plague, ensnare, psi storm (I know you've put that already heh), hallucination (leaves multiple decoy versions of you), blink if you want to include sc2 ones, yamato cannon hehehe (once more ranged enemies are added: dark swarm, disruption web, acid spores)

should also add protoss enemies//zone

also I'd be wary of "Emerald - additional lives" because part of the charm of this game is that its one death and you have to start again
Posted by Fordom 3rd March, 2010

Funny. But I found a really sidturbing bug.





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