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Particle pursuit
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 19th November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 260
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Edited By SoftWarewolf on 7/26/2006

classic multiplayer fun with endless rotating worms and many options, up to 7 players the last one standing wins.

- - - - -

basic how to play:

- press escape at any time for menu\quit

- start the game by pressing space bar, middle mouse button or button1 on the first gamepad (dont press space while a dropdown menu is selected)

- click colored dots to turn players on or off, they rotate left\right using the keys described in grey

- you die when you crash into yourself, another player or by the edge of screen unless the 'wrap' function is on

- you can not die before after 3 seconds

- you don't die by hitting a players twin safe buffer when the line is transparent

- when there is only 1 player left in the game, he\she gets a point and you return to the main menu


speed: how fast players move (duh..)
rotation: angle you rotate while button is pressed (speed of rotation)
twin safe: amount of safe spots in the start of a players tail, high value takes alot of system resources

start game: do i even have to say what this does?
wrap edges: when you leave screen you continue on the other side
special powers: enable each color to have its own ability (read bellow)
viper holes: all players will randomly stop making their tail for a short random amount of time, making holes that yourself or other players can exploit

special powers:

red: rotates 2angles faster
white: has holes (stops making 15spots every 2,3 seconds)
green: makes a fat line (5x larger)
black: dont have twin safe
purple: draws a mirror ghost that acts like a reversed player (it can crash but purple is only killed on its dark end)
yellow: 125 greater speed (this is realy unfair)
teal: low visibility

things to know:

- you can do some manual game configurations on strek.ini under windows\
(speed = speed + 250, rotation = rotation + 5)

- press ctrl+y if you want to change the gamepad keys

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Posted by DaVince 19th November, 2005

Looks interesting. Downloading...
Posted by Cecilectomy 19th November, 2005

this is like lightcycles except without the fun.
Posted by DaVince 19th November, 2005

Actually, this is quite fun. I don't understand why I lost while I was still alive though... Maybe the other computer players killed themselves too soon.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 19th November, 2005

its a multiplayer game only.. you win a point when you are the last player still standing
Posted by pulsecode 4th December, 2005

Viper holes eh? Hehe ;^p
Not bad! Shame there is no 1 player mode tho.
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 8th December, 2005

i have played a fun 3d version of this game with ai and everything...this game is quite poorly put together because sometimes you or others don't create a line so it's far to easy to not die, also there no ai which would be pretty simple. it won gotw what can i say..
Posted by SoftWarewolf 12th December, 2005

how could you possibly make a good AI for a game like this? if the game you speak of is realy similar please give me a link, i tried lightcycles and its not fun at all. The holes are optionale.





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