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Frog Bound
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 23rd June, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 141

Edited By SoftWarewolf on 7/22/2009

Jump through explosive traps in this action filled mind boggling game.

Fully featured level editor lets you create your own challenges.

- - - - -

This is a shareware game, about 1\3 of the game is available in the demo and you may play it for as long as you like.
The editor is included and may be used, but you need the full version to play the levels you create.

You can get the full version instantly for 19,95$ by clicking the buy now button on the site or in the game.

- - - - -

Frog Bound is mostly played using arrow keys or you can change to gamepad on 'settings' from the menu, if you are using gamepad the button "shift" is replaced by button 1 and "space" by button 2.

When you die you can press space to restart the level quicker, 'shift' triggers the frog's tongue, if there are flies on the level (boss battle) you can eat them and after doing so you can press 'shift' again to fire the fly.
On platform levels you press 'shift' to jump.

You may press 'f2' at any time to restart the game, 'esc' pauses the game and brings up a small menu where you can quit or restart the level (costs 1 life).
You can also press 'esc' on the menu to quit.

The objective of the game is to complete levels, in most cases by going to a glowing 'x' or sometimes a spinning green pad and often you can walk to another level by leaving the screen.

However to do so you must most likely avoid systematic explosions or dangerous electric patterns.
Explosions kill you at one point about 0.05seconds after they appear, so they are not dangerous for a long time even if the animation is still playing.
Also watch out for fireballs, lazers, evil creatures etc.

When you complete a set of levels (sometimes single) your game is saved, you also get a password you can use if you reinstall the game or play on a different computer, but you can also just click "resume game" on the main menu to continue if you have your named typed in.

Note that by trying out a password (or pressing 'start new game') your previous save gets deleted, clicking 'enter password' will first show your current password.

Currently there are 43 checkpoints, only the first 14 are available in the demo.

On some levels you can find golden donuts, for every 3 golden donuts collected you unlock a new challenge on the challenge menu. (up to 5 available in demo) they are also needed to unlock skins on the settings menu.

Press 'ins' to capture a .bmp screenshot that will be stored in the '.\data\screenshots\' directory

The gameplay idea for this game is not from the classic Frogger but from "Bound" maps created on Starcraft 'use map settings' that i used to play when i started this game over 7 years ago.

- - - - -

Download link takes you to where instant download is available.
(.zip download option is also available)

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Posted by erghhhhx 23rd June, 2009
Rated :

Firstly, there's a bug when you lower difficulty to 30. Check it out.

Hmm. Decent game, but nothing I would pay 19.95$ for. Sorry.
Posted by Jon Lambert 23rd June, 2009

He did say you could pay $.01 for it if you wanted to.

I like this game, I just like Frogger games. It is very reminiscent of the original Frogger Bound games, and I like the use of the player's name.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 23rd June, 2009

yes you can!
difficulty 30 works fine for me, theres just a small delay changing the framerate, and hey! why would you need lower difficulty on the demo levels anyway
Comment edited by SoftWarewolf on 6/23/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 23rd June, 2009
Rated :

I don't, but I was playing around with the settings and noticed it. Game freezes for about 5 seconds. On my comp, that is.
Posted by maVado 25th June, 2009
Rated :

I like the game concept, it's challenging the overall atmosphere is fitting but the graphics ruin the gameplay experience. I often have a hard time:

1. to find the player at start, a start animation would be great, a highlight or circle to point -> "you are here"

2. make it more destingishable what is background, what is friend or foe and what is a wall. I did like 90% not of the pattern but due to "Oh, that looked like a field I could walk on, bam dead!"

3. some of the gfx just look like errors, bright red and bright blue, come one be creative

Posted by OMC 25th June, 2009

Ah, installer. I wanted to play this...
Posted by SoftWarewolf 26th June, 2009

updated download site to include .zip version

the game has auto-update so i might fix a few things and update it when i have time
Posted by UrbanMonk 28th June, 2009
Rated :

I think changing the frame rate to change the difficulty is just being lazy!

This is a good game though. I left the difficulty the way it was and played for a while.

I think the graphics could have been better. If you are going to scale the frog up and down to make him hop I think he ought to be in a higher resolution. Scale him down when he's not hopping, see?

The levels take too long to load for what is loaded. I'm sure you can figure out a better loading method.

The editor was very confusing. If you want people to make levels for this you need to make a simpler editor. Try putting all the advanced stuff in a separate tab. And separate all of the different functions into categories (tabs again). Don't make drop down boxes for selecting objects, it's annoying.

All in all I really enjoyed this game though. I think the challenges were pretty cool, especially the calculator one, and the platform mode was a nice touch!

I can tell a lot of work went into this game, so I think it deserves 5 stars! Also try lowering the price. If you can squeeze 20$ out of people for this game so be it, I'm just saying.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 30th June, 2009

thank you
changing fps really makes a huge difference on difficulty and is an easy extra-option.. its better to have it than not to have it i would say.

the graphics could definitely be better.. i made most of it myself and i am really not a good artist, you are wrong about the frog though, because the original was 500x500 and it been scaled down, so you see more details when its hopping than whens its not.. just look at the screen shots.

dunno about the loading method.. i think its pretty fast, the first loading with text is just fake
could maybe just remove that one.

i will try to clean up the editor a bit.. but i think the drop-downs work fine.

deciding a prize is always tricky.. i am a big fan of just making free games, so daily clickers have the opportunity to just donate whatever they think is fair to get the full game.





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