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Time Waster
Author: Callebo Submitted: 27th January, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 228

You have wasted your health away. See this as torture or treatment.

Fight your way through the areas filled with robots and other dangers, all while getting fancy hats and other loot on the way in this retro RPG.

Made during this years Global Game Jam with the diversifier of only using 16-bit colors. This years theme was a beating heart. Made in ~17 hours.

WALK: Arrow keys

Please don't just alt+f4, there's an option to quit and save in the menu (esc).

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Posted by Stimor 12th February, 2013
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heeey, this is was good! the game went insane though and began to spam me levels, i think i was at infinity when i closed the game. my time was not wasted because i liked it so i think i lost the game
Posted by Callebo 13th February, 2013

Spam you levels? Whaat?
I know there are quite a few bugs in there, but I was far too tired to fix them, and I probably won't touch this again, haha.
Sorry to hear you lost. I guess. I don't know.
Posted by Zezard 14th February, 2013

Pretty neat. I got the feeling that I was wasting my time and quit after entering the same level again but it's cool to see how little you need to create that RPG-feeling. Hard to say much about it given that it was limited to 24 hrs of work and mmf isn't a very useful team tool. A one-man project I presume?
Posted by Callebo 17th February, 2013

Yeah I decided to work alone, pretty much only me using MMF and I knew I can get a lot of work done with it.
Funny how you noticed you entered the same level again. A friend of mine started suspecting it when he was around level 12, further than I ever played.
Although I kept teasing about how great the ending was, like there was some epic boss battle coming, hehe.





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