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Tactical Ninja Demo
Author: Callebo Submitted: 20th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 172

Edited By Calle Boström on 8/22/2008

Take control of a ninja with no past, seeking avenge of the unknown, making his way out of randomly selected places by using his ninja skills, throwing stars, help boxes and hook guns!

This is an early demo only including the tutorial world, so the game isn't very long.
Please tell me what needs to be changed, what you like and dislike. Feedback is appreciated!

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Posted by Kazuma 22nd August, 2008

Typo on the name there.
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008
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fix the control, guy!

and the name is Tactical
Comment edited by Foo Fighter on 8/22/2008
Posted by 3kliksphilip 22nd August, 2008
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Okay. Not the best game in the world- but it has some original ideas. That to me makes it better than most other games on this site. I love the way you can knock the gun turrets into pits. I can see what you're trying to do with the block + button combos but it is possible to make your game impossible- some people will care. I like the grapple hook, but it makes level 3 super easy, allowing you to slip past the entire level. Although this is poor level design, it's good in the way that people can play your game in ways you haven't thought up- the grappling hook becomes more than just a tool, it becomes something along the lines of the gravity gun in Half Life 2, with multiple purposes.

I can see that some effort has gone into this game and I have to congratulate you on that. The control system takes some getting used to, I suggest that you make Spacebar jump, which will add to the agility of the ninja.

It's a good star to the game and it's good to see some interesting features. Keep it up!

I'll give it 3 because it is only a demo and there are some fairly major bugs. Make it longer and it'll be worth 4 stars... for 5 I'll have to see some other types of enemies, weapons and environments, as well as better sound effects, improved... well, everything. But it's a start.

How long have you been working on it?
Posted by Callebo 22nd August, 2008

Fixed the title name, heh...

I've been working for about a week, mostly coding the current weapons aviable Image I'm also quite slow at animating, so that took some time aswell. And yes, these levels were pretty much just done to show how the weapons work, not really a brainstorm puzzle yet.

Will start working on the jungle world when i have time.

Please, keep posting bugs you find and ideas you would like for levels (enemies, obstacles etc.)

Comment edited by Calle Boström on 8/22/2008
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008
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ya work on it. gl!
Posted by Mr_Tom 23rd August, 2008

this game could be good when you finish it.

it just needs plenty of polishing in most areas but the general idea is very nice.





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