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Murx the Rocket-Man
Author: Callebo Submitted: 13th February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 174

Play as Murx the Rocket-man! The new super hero with an rocket launcher attached to his arm. You're goal is to destroy other Murx's, either played by a bot or other players. If you miss you'r target, it's okay since you'll probably blow up some of the games environment instead.
There are 4 different maps to destroy... uhm... play. But you can't play them all on some modes. The modes are 1-4 players. When playing single you will face a bot playing the other Murx.
This was made during school breaks just for fun. My friends enjoyed playing against eachother, so I kept on making it 'till it was finnished. It's focused on multiplayer, so invite a friend for a game of Murx!

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