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Author: Callebo Submitted: 8th June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 128

Take on massive hordes of zombies for no apparent reason! Non-stop, charging, bloodthirsty zombies! Luckily you got your ninja sword with you to defend yourself with. While you slice and dice the zombies, you start to notice that massives amounts of blood start to fill the room! Awesome!

Basically, this game is only made for the purpose of fun for you people to kill some time with. I made it in 3-4 days, and decided to upload it today. It would have included online highscore, but I haven't bothered learning how to make it.

The game features Non-stop, zombie-slicing action! Power-ups, such as health packs and GODMODE!.. 3 different kind of zombies. A combo system. Alot of blood.

Mouse: Aim
Attack: Left-mouse click
Movemenet: WASD

Thank you!

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Posted by Cecilectomy 9th June, 2009
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the sword collisions suck. and the one powerup you get doesnt seem to help that much. it just slows the framerate because the sword is so big and theres tons of stuff on screen. if youre going to up the difficulty over time id recomment at LEAST a few more powerups. and fix that colission stuff.

the plain background detracts from the style of the characters as well.

online highscore please?
Posted by Spitznagl 9th June, 2009
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That's a good improvement over your Murx games IMO. Good job

The blood effect's kinda like in Bloody Zombies
Was it an inspiration?
Comment edited by Sקɪтzпαɢʟ on 6/9/2009
Posted by Callebo 9th June, 2009

Thanks for the comments
No Sקɪтzпαɢʟ, I haven't played that game. Will do some time
Posted by Solgryn 9th June, 2009
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This is a really nice idea and also well executed ! Just need more powerups and better graphics =Image

and lol are u danish? Like me? because the title is "Blodbad" and thats danish for Bloodbath
Comment edited by Solgryn on 6/9/2009
Posted by Callebo 9th June, 2009

Oh snap, forgot about that..! Actually I'm swedish
Posted by Solgryn 9th June, 2009
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Ah okay
Posted by [DELETED] 17th June, 2009
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I reviewed the game, a good effort and I can see you have great ideas, it's just executing them and perhaps spend longer on the project to really flesh those ideas out and make a game that people can play over and over.
Posted by Aden 18th October, 2009
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well i realy liked this! it was fun and it didnt slow down at all. just a bit repetative





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