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Discaster - Lighting
Author: Disthron Submitted: 1st June, 2011 Favourites:1
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Edited By Disthron on 5/20/2012

I decided to play around with the Lighting Demo released by Daniel Rehn and this is what I came up with.

I tried a bunch of different stuff, starting with his method of changing the textures. Witch is definatly the fastest runtime method, as you will probably see.

The second thing I thought of was to use a 3rd ray-casting object as a dedicated "light" layer. Instead of having 1002 different textures I would have 1 set of 5 that graduated from black to white and use the subtract ink filter to darken the wall layer underneath.

So the floor layer (witch makes that cool "pool of light effect") on the bottom, The wall layer in the middle, and the light layer on the top. I ended up putting a 4th layer in just for the sprites as the subtract mode in the light layer caused some problems.

I also made some high res textures, just to show that you don't have to have low res ones, and added the ability to bring the brightness up or down. Oh, and the fog thing is kind of cool too I think.

Anyway, source and EXE is included. So even if you can't open the MMF2 file you can still run the program and check it out. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

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Posted by Sketchy 1st June, 2011

Retro pixelart is cool. Retro 3D graphics are just shit.
I really don't understand why people persist in trying to do 3D in MMF2 when there are other apps so much better suited to it.
That being said, this is pretty good, for what it is.
Posted by Disthron 2nd June, 2011

Well, believe it or not, some people like this kind of thing. Hell there is still a small Wolf3D mod community alive and kicking. Also there are many people who would claim that Retro Pixelart was just shit. I think they are wrong personally but that's just me.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd June, 2011

I think one of the issues is that people might want to see an entire game being made from this extention. I know I do!

I've seen so many examples and demos of the power of this, Disthron, and it seems you've pretty much mastered the use of the Raycasting Object, would be brilliant to see this developed further into an actual game
Posted by Disthron 2nd June, 2011

@The Chris Street I'd love to make a full game using this extension, unfortunately I'm working on another game that has to take priority. Specially since, although I have a good grasp of the Ray Casting extension, I still have to work out 2D path finding for the enemy/NPC AI.

Also I'd love to know if it's running ok on peoples systems.
Posted by Fanotherpg 5th June, 2011
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There is one Game in the works And I was also playing around with that lightening Dishtron and I kept it as model/texture swapping but your idea is quite neat. I will look deeper into it.
Posted by Fordom 7th June, 2011

It's incredibly slow!
Posted by Disthron 12th June, 2011

@Fordom I know, that's why in my comments I said the texture swopping was still the best way to go as fare as I can tell. Some one with a stronger grasp of fast loops and or optimisation may be able to make the other featrues work better though.

It's really just a proof of consept.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th June, 2011
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The issue is that Raycaster by itself is slow extension and it's not HWA-enabled.
Posted by Disthron 13th June, 2011

@Fanotherpg Well it runs find with just 1 extension. I think it wasn't designed with all these multi leveled shenanigans that you and I are playing around with.
Posted by Fanotherpg 16th June, 2011
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Yeah probably But still it's all about MMF - experimenting and crossing the borders, isn't it?





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