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Monsters vs Aliens fan demo[Open Source]
Author: Disthron Submitted: 7th November, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 176

Edited By Disthron on 9/20/2011

Hi every one,

this is everything I wished the San Fransisko scene in the Monsters vs Aliens game had been but wasn't. I was expecting some kind of cool boss battle at the bridge but apparently not.

Anyway, this is just the source code. I have also removed almost all of the sound from the game. It was built on the engine that I released some time ago. Witch you can fine here.

I don't think I even use half of the features I put into the engine but I made the engine with the intent for an all purpose type engine.

Anyway, hope you like it. I took out most of the sound because people were complaining about the file size.

I'd also welcome any feedback or constructive criticism you have.

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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 9th November, 2009

When I tried to open your game, I was told that I needed the sticky object. Do you know how I can get it? Or could you e-mail it to me?
Posted by Disthron 9th November, 2009

Go to this website..

And download and install FusionUpdater, it's right up the top. Anyway, once you've installed it search for the missing extension. When it appears in the search list double click to install it.

I use this program to keep my extensions up to date.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 10th November, 2009

Thanks! I will do this...
Posted by Disthron 10th November, 2009

Well at least I managed to help some one.
Posted by CoxyofNewp 20th September, 2011

Link dead! i know it's an old link! but just looked good! Shame!





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