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Green 3D tile set A
Author: Disthron Submitted: 6th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 86

A forest/green stage tile set I made for a platform game with a 3D program I own. I plan on updating it and I would appreciate any feedback or comments anyone has. Feel free to use it at your convenience but an acknowledgement in the credits would be appreciated.

Also, the sky background in the example was just a free image I downloaded, it is not included in the tile set.

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Posted by columbo borgi :C 6th July, 2010

looks great, but its too rendery for my little soul ;*-C
Posted by Lazernaut 7th July, 2010

Looks pretty good, but I would never use it. The reason for that is that I'm unable to produce any graphics that are good enough to go with it
Posted by OMC 7th July, 2010

Don't know that these will do so well as a library, but I would love to see you or someone else complete a game with this look!

There's a small issue with the tiling (look in the middle of the ground in the screenshot) but other than that it looks pretty good.
Posted by Disthron 7th July, 2010

OldManClayton, why wouldn't it be good as a library? Also, I am making a game with it.

to -eviscerator- Borgi, thanks.





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