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I was making this engine for another game project that was abandoned some time ago. I found it a few weeks ago and decided to polish it up and release it so that maybe someone will get some use out of it.

I maid this level with plans of having it be a template for the main game. I really wonted to do an engine that would allow me to do more dynamic levels. I'm planning on using it for my own small game.

Any way, I hope you guys like it. I maid a little video explaining how stuff works and I will be posting on YouTube soon. I have also tried to comment as much as possible. Check out the project page for when the video is up.

The video explaining how the engine works is now up.

:Edit 2 the sequel:
I've taken out the references to the sound files and re-uploaded the rar file so that the mfa file should work now.

Sketchy: I know about slight wiggle on the the moving platforms but so far I have not been able to fix that problem. I did not know about the bending bridges not bending if you landed where 2 meet or about the walking on water. Did the water just react like a platform?! Didn't know about the underwatter platforms ether.

Hi every one. I have maid a small update to my engine and re-uploaded it so the link is not broken any more.

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Posted by Gamemaker2010 9th February, 2009

i tried but i got a .rar file and it doesn't work
Posted by Disthron 9th February, 2009

Poo! You realize that you have to unrar it with WinRar right? Because it worked fine for me.
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th February, 2009

Dayum boy. Though we had MSD2 for a second that. Grr.
Posted by Sketchy 9th February, 2009

The .exe is pretty good
You can't run the .mfa without editing it a bit though, as it keeps looking for .wav files that aren't there.

There are a few bugs here and there...
* the suspension bridge doesn't work very well, especially if you jump on it (doesn't bend at all if you land where two sections meet)
* the underwater moving platforms are a bit buggy.
* you slide a little bit when the moving platform you're on changes direction.
* you can walk on water.

The parts most people would want to use all work fine though.
Comment edited by Sketchy on 2/9/2009
Posted by Edron 9th February, 2009

is it me or does he mix graphical styles? and does the thick outline look like circy's games?
Posted by danjo 10th February, 2009

he's circy's fanboy
Posted by Tac0o0 10th February, 2009

theres an error messege saying that theres an error?
Posted by MasterM 11th February, 2009

Posted by dndfreak 12th February, 2009

Doesnt the character remind you of a certain supporting fighter in Yu-Yu Hakusho?
Posted by Disthron 12th February, 2009

Is any one else getting an error with this new upload? And the character is ripped from River City Ransom GBA, just by the way.
Comment edited by Disthron on 2/12/2009
Posted by Jess Bowers 20th February, 2009

Cool! I wish everyone would post their platform engines.
Posted by Disthron 25th February, 2009

Mee too, there was a project in the frontpage that was just abandoned recently. I wish that, if someone has decided to abandon a project, would releace that project to the public so other people could finnish it if they wonted.
Posted by eliris 4th September, 2011
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I don't have stickyobject.mfx, can anyone help me?





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