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Discaster 3
Author: Disthron Submitted: 7th November, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Demo Downloads: 445

Edited By Disthron on 2/9/2011

Edited By Disthron on 11/10/2009

In this demo is more or less, an extension on my switch demo. Rather than just unlocking a door I demonstrate that with a little imagination you can use the same code to do things like, search book cases, activate mini games ect. I just wont people to NOT think of this as "the Wolfenstine" extension. Because you can do quite a lot more than just running and gunning. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with that.

You see, games made with this extension are really top down games shown from a first person perspective and I think that anything you can do from a top down perspective can be done in this extension.

In the room after the long hall with the big windows there are two arcade machines that you can actually play. Though you have to turn them on first. I won't tell you how yet. It's a small puzzle. Also the game itself is nothing particularly special, it's just to demonstrate that you can use the door/switch code to do more interesting things.

A lot of people have been complaining about the collision detection, however people don't seem to get that there is no collision detection in the extension itself. Much like the mode 7 extension the collisions are delt with on the normal frame. So it's really my fault that it's not working properly. I have made another attempt to fix the wall collision in this version (on the 3rd level). So pleas let me know what's going on.

Anyway, the previous 2 demos are included as level 1 and 2 in this one. The 3rd is more of a proper game then the others. I hope you like it and I'd love to read any comments you have.

------------------------ [EDIT] ------------------------
I have been told that the downloads for my Discaster demos are down. So I have comiled them into 1 zip and re-uploaded them. Discaster 1-4 all point to the same download witch has all the demos.

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Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 7th November, 2009

love your comments separated to four parts...
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th November, 2009

Press Esc twice to see the new stuff.

I beat the game, and the mini game. Pretty neat.
I still had that "move through walls" bug though.
Posted by Disthron 8th November, 2009

Falcon Eaglehawk, thanks.

UrbanMonk, even in the 3rd level? The first and second are not changed from the first and second demos. Can you pleas tell me where you could walk through the walls. Or was it everywhere.
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th November, 2009

It was in a few places. I didn't even try to do it, it just happened! I ended up inside of a bookcase once!

It seems to be a game wide bug. I figure if you can fix it in one place It'll be fixed everywhere.

I'm almost tempted to recode the level editor it comes with and fix that stupid bug. It's not a bug with the raycaster, it's a bug with 360 collision detection.

Also, did Aden just erase all his earlier comments? O_o
Posted by Esperware Interactive 8th November, 2009

Sometimes when I would walk in the hallways between inside and outside I could see the wooden ceiling on the outside of the building till I got closer.

When I saw this I walked back and forth to see it appear and disappear, then after a few times it threw me into a random room with no doors or windows O_O
Posted by Disthron 8th November, 2009

So did you do the level editor? Also I'm not sure how recoding the level editor would effect the collision detection. The collision detection is all done outside the raycaster isn't it? I have to admit that I have only done very minor tweaks to the collision detection. I've never done a 360 movement before so I mostly left it alone.

I could completely replace it I guess but I don't think I could do a better job of what's there.

Oh, and claniraq, who made the raycasting demo using the layers object helped me with making the sky rotate properly.
Comment edited by Disthron on 11/8/2009
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 8th November, 2009

Yeah sorry for the off-topic comment. Just felt it to be my responsibility to prevent trolling...

Unfortunately the noclip bug is still there. For me it occurs when facing a corner and walking against it. And yes, it happens with every corner. I bet it does it with everybody, otherwise it would be weird. Hope you will get that annoying bug sorted out for I really would like to see a cool 2.5D shooter like this being released somewhere near future.

Btw, did you make that pistol skin yourself? I think it's awesome.
Posted by Disthron 8th November, 2009

So was that first comment aimed at someone else?

That bug almost never happens to me and it never happens when I'm trying to make it happen only by accident. Whenever I try to make it happen the walls are all solid. Even when I try to do exactly what I did when it glitches when I go back it's like it's not there. It's like a quantum bug, it only bugs out when your not looking?!

Yes, I did the pistol myself. I used a program called Poser. I also rendered the arcade cabinet.
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th November, 2009

Actually, yes you are right. I can't make the bug happen consecutively in the same spot. It's almost like collision detection turns off sometimes.

I didn't make the editor. I was just saying.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 8th November, 2009

Oh the comment was meant to Aden. But anyways... The bug happens with every inner corner, not with any outside corner, of course. There's no difference whether you walk towards a corner or back against it, the result is always the same. It seems like the two walls you face will force you through when you push yourself against them. I don't know a shit about these things so I really can't help any further but it would be nice if more people would report their notes.

Jolly good job with the arcade machine and the pistol. Also, the textures in the newest version are neat. Are those original too?
Posted by Kisguri 8th November, 2009
Rated :

excellent work!
Posted by Fish20 8th November, 2009

For some reason Vista thinks rar is supposed to be played on iTunes... Whats up with the computer?
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th November, 2009

Yeah, he should just use zip. Rar is not that much smaller. It's not like he's paying for the bandwidth or anything either.
Posted by Disthron 9th November, 2009

UrbanMonk, Yea maybe I should just bite the bullet and create my own movement from scratch. Though I'm not sure if I can do a better job than the original author.

Also, I used a rar file because every one was complaining about how BIG my Monsters vs Aliens fan game was. I mean I didn't think 30MB was that much but people seem to wont files that are as small as possible. I took peoples advice and used the ogg sound format this time. I'll use a regular zip next time.

Falcon Eaglehawk, Thanks for reporting the bugs, The wall textures are edited Doom 2 textures. I got them from a Doom 2 Mod I downloaded. I also took them into photoshop and edited them myself.

On another note, my October Klik Disc came in the mail to day.
Posted by JustinC 10th November, 2009

Yeah still getting that corner walkthrough bug.

Also, not sure if this was intentional, but I couldn't get the door that leads into the room where you turn on the arcade machines. I had to get in there by using the bug. Also, the wall that I guess is the switch just showed up as orange with an X.

I liked what you did with the multidirectional arcade machines, I was wondering if that would be easy to do and it seems that it is (or at least looks easy).

Posted by JustinC 10th November, 2009

Ok wait, something else. The first time I played this no enemies showed up, I didn't even realize there were enemies, Then I saw the screenshot. I just tried it again and the enemies showed up.
Posted by Disthron 10th November, 2009

Hi JustinC, I accidentally left out one of the textures. However the door to that room is meant to be locked. There are cracks in the walls, witch you can shoot to reveal holes in the walls. One of the cracks has a secret passage that has a switch that unlocks the door. Try investigating the holes a little more.

Ok, I'm just testing something out. My little brothers lap top seems to be having the wall problem all the time. So I tried only having one ray casting layer and the collision seemed to work properly. I have updated the download with a new exe and the missing texture. Pleas let me know how it gose.
Posted by The Chris Street 12th November, 2009

I really don't like you!
Posted by Disthron 12th November, 2009

Well I don't like you ether.
Comment edited by Disthron on 11/12/2009
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th November, 2009

That was an odd comment.
Posted by Disthron 13th November, 2009

I agree, not a very nice one ether.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2009

Um... I didn't mean it seriously!

I said that because I'm envious of your coding skills, I'm still finding the RayCasting Object a bit hard to use and seeing this advanced (and excellent) engine makes me envious of your coding ability.

There was no malice or nastiness intended in that comment, was meant in a humourous way :| Kind of surprised you took offence to be honest, as if I really didn't like you I would say far worse than that

I do like you really.
Posted by Aden 15th November, 2009
Rated :

so ye good =P
Posted by Disthron 15th November, 2009

Um.. Ok, sorry about the misunderstanding but when your communicating in text there is no vocal inflection that I can go by to indicate that your kidding. I wasn't really offended, I just thought it was kind of odd.

Anyway, my coding ability isn't really that grate. A lot of the code is just cut and pasted from Kisguri's Sky demo that he released a few weeks ago.

For instance, for the interactive wall segments. Instead of placing the normal wall object and pasting it to the back ground I created a new wall object, placed it in the right position (using his code) and just kind of left it there.

Then I used that half circal to tell weather or not the player was facing the active wall but setting it's angle to the rAngle of the player and checking if it's overlapping the interactive wall.

Didn't I go over this in the comments?
Posted by Chrisbo 18th November, 2009

I thought that was a weird comment too, usually sarcasm is a little more obvious.

On another note, as with everyone else, I still get the corner bug, not that you wanted to hear that Otherwise pretty neat.
Posted by Disthron 18th November, 2009

Even on the second level where there is only 1 raycasting object?
Posted by Chrisbo 26th November, 2009

Yep..happened on every level
Posted by lala123 1st April, 2010
Rated :

nice and im beat it lol
Posted by NostalgicAlgorithms 24th May, 2012

Very cool. Anyone have the download? Upload please!





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