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New Game (no real title yet)
Author: vertigoelectric Submitted: 2nd June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 34

This is a very, VERY simple game in terms of design and game play. However, what makes it a big deal for me is that it is the first (and currently only) game that I have made that successfully keeps a record of high scores online.

To play, simply move the mouse left and right to ensure that the blue block passes through the gaps in the oncoming red bars. The higher your score, the more frequently the bars will come at you. When you touch a red bar, the game will end and you will be presented with a box to type your name and submit your score.

Let me know if you find any troubles with this. As I said, this is not meant to be a show of design. I am simply proud of the fact that I have now learned how to get MMF2 to post information to a web page and I wanted to share it here!

The game music is called Rhythm Riddle. It is exactly 14 minutes long and I created it myself in FruityLoops years ago.

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Posted by Marko 3rd June, 2010
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Nice premise, very simple and very playable - nice idea! I liked the music and sound effects too, as well as the graphic on the players square when it hits a red wall
Posted by vertigoelectric 3rd June, 2010

Oh, thank you. Of course, I wasn't really designing it for those purposes, but I am glad you had positive thoughts on them. I considered making the visuals a bit more aesthetically pleasing, such as turning the red walls into electrical bolts or something, but it was 2am and I just wanted to get the scoring system finished and uploaded.
Posted by Chronos 4th June, 2010
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Hey vertigo if you need any graphics done I can help you out! Just gimme some guidelines and I can come up with something to send as a sample.
Posted by Chronos 4th June, 2010
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Oh yeah forgot to rate: Pretty promising looking and maybe you could even make it multiplayer? haha.
Posted by vertigoelectric 4th June, 2010

LOL... no no, I'm not developing "NewGame" any further. Hmmmm... maybe if you want to help with some graphics sometime, that would be great. Hit me up on the fangame forums.
Posted by Chronos 4th June, 2010
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ok then. It's funny how I never got around to joining....I am so lazy. I'll register now.
Posted by Callebo 4th June, 2010

Lol, the music made me keep on playing
Congrats on the online highscore, however the first time I submitted my score it didn't appear. Then I played again (got 10 points, wooh) and it worked. Weird, huh?
Posted by vertigoelectric 4th June, 2010

Hmmmm... what was your score the first time?
Posted by horses1 22nd July, 2010
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how do u post the screenshots
Posted by vertigoelectric 23rd July, 2010

Uhm... well you upload them to someplace online and then you put the URL of the image into the specified box when you submit your download. If you want more info than that, I'm sorry but you need to go to the forums or something.





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