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Fangame: The Game (beta 0.060)
Author: vertigoelectric Submitted: 3rd May, 2010 Favourites:3
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 504

Edited By vertigoelectric on 7/6/2010

It has now been 13 versions since 0.047 and I honestly don't know how much stuff has changed... I just know... it's a lot. Try out 0.060 and enjoy it! Please remember that, as this is a beta, you may run into a few bugs and glitches (in fact, I already know of a few in this build).

The more I work on Fangame, the more I introduce the element of puzzles and problem-solving rather than simple run'n'jump platforming where you have to dodge a million spikes. You still have to dodge lots of spikes, but Fangame is likely to take a little more brain work than just good timing and reflexes. I hope you enjoy this more than the last.

When you find a green diamond icon and appear to be at a dead end, that means you're at the end of the beta. Congratulations. It's not easy for most people to get that far.

----- end of update -----

Edited By vertigoelectric on 5/23/2010

**UPDATE** Version 0.047 has several changes.
- More backgrounds were added (but I didn't upload new screenshots)
- Amper Sands zone has changed completely. I hope you can make it there so you can see it. You'll have to beat both the Lime Punch Cave and Frigid Ruin zones to get there, though.
- Made various other modifications throughout the game.
- Frigid Ruins boss fight is more challenging now, though I'm sure it can be improved.

** IMPORTANT ** DO NOT USE OLD SAVE FILES WITH THIS VERSION! They may not work properly and might end up loading the wrong level and coordinates. I know this means you would have to play through it all again, but that's not so bad, is it?

Also, there is a Tutorial option at the title screen. It works, but the tutorial mode is still in development. It contains no instructions and is incomplete. You can play in the tutorial, but don't expect much.

** end of update **

At long last, a public release of Fangame: The Game. Remember, this game can be very, very hard. If you are patient and persistent, you will get through it!

The difficulty settings determine the number of save points scattered throughout the levels. Hardcore mode has no save points.

[SHIFT] jumps/doublejumps
Arrow keys move.
If you get the gun, press Z to shoot. You can aim up, too.

Not all graphics/sounds are complete, yet. Many backgrounds have not yet been made.

Also, while you are playing, if you encounter black blocks with a red X in them, that means that you have approached an area that is not yet ready and the blocks are meant to keep you from those unfinished areas.

Please comment after playing. I'd love to hear what you have to say. Please don't complain about the difficulty, though. You have been told that this is a very hard game. Many of the traps are designed to be a surprise as well. You are in no way expected to know where the traps are your first time through an area. You have to just try it and learn.

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Posted by Cream Cheese 4th May, 2010

Nice I like it. Ill be playing this alot if i wanna get to the second or third save point.
Posted by vertigoelectric 4th May, 2010

I absolutely love cream cheese, which makes you pretty cool automatically.

Thanks for the comment! I am glad you like the game.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th May, 2010
Rated :

There's a difference between very very hard and stupidly unfair. It seems as though to get anywhere you have to memorise where absolutely everything is onscreen.

I don't mind hard games where the challenge is fair but this is just ridiculous and not dis-similar to this:
Comment edited by Chris Street on 5/7/2010
Posted by vertigoelectric 7th May, 2010

I have never before heard of that "Most Unfair Platform Game Ever" but it looks like the primary goal of that game is to be somewhat sarcastically amusing. You know, some people LIKE that sort of thing.

Ah well. There will always be people that don't like it. That doesn't mean you have to refer to it as "stupidly unfair". I could probably get more people to say they like it than you can to say they don't, hehe. I will agree that it is, at times "unfairly difficult", but NOT stupid.

Usually people who make negative comments about this game's difficulty have never heard of this: "I Wanna Be The Guy" is the game that inspired me to make Fangame and the IWBTG fans are the community that I can relate to.

In closing, take a look at this thread:

Posted by The Chris Street 7th May, 2010
Rated :

I've heard of IWBTG.

I like the idea behind the game, I like the retro style and the engine but the hidden, unexpected traps just ruined it for me.

I will refer to the game in what ever way I choose to. I didn't think I was being rude saying it was "stupidly unfair" but I appreciate it being enjoyed by people who like games like IWBTG, which from the looks of things looks to be a very niche group in the freeware game community.

For your average gamer though it's just too unfair a game. Henceforth there's "very difficult" (ie, Eternal Daughter) and "stupidly difficult" (ie, this) in which only the author knows every single trap in the game, where it is and what it does. And it's beatable to you. But to a huge number of people, it won't be beatable. I stand by my constructive comment, critically scathing as it may be, but I'm not going to go all out offensively rude and call it a crap game.
Posted by vertigoelectric 7th May, 2010

Well, I understand. I think one of the most misunderstood points of a game like this is that you are NOT SUPPOSED to be able to see what's coming. You have to just start making your way and when something pops out, you try again, this time expecting it (hopefully) and figuring out how to avoid it the next time around.

...but like I said, it's not meant for everybody.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th May, 2010
Rated :

And thats fine for people who like games like that, but as I said you're catering for a very niche group. I can just see my partner, for example, trying this for the first time and thinking that it's impossible. She's a casual gamer, and so am I. I can see her deleting it from her hard drive without hesitation and never playing it again.

I'm all up for a game with challenge, even if said game frustrates me until I get past a certain annoyance... but this game goes above and beyond the call of unfairness. It's probably a game I'm never going to enjoy. I know some will, but its not my cup of tea. I haven't got the time or the patience for this sort of thing. No offense intended or anything
Posted by vertigoelectric 7th May, 2010

Well, in all fairness, you knew before you even downloaded it that it was intended to be like that. That is, if you read the description.

Anyway, at least you tried, and at least you commented.
Posted by Chronos 8th May, 2010
Rated :

Love fangame Vertigo. Keep it up.
Posted by nim 8th May, 2010

The game looks good. I'd like to try it, but I get this message before it even starts up:

"This beta required validation through an online server, but cannot detect an internet connection"

which put me off.
Posted by vertigoelectric 8th May, 2010

Chronos - Thank you very much! I will do my best!

Nim - I understand the inconvenience that causes. I'm sorry that has happened to you. If you were connected to the internet and you still got that exact same message, then that is a bug I need to fix. The reason I set up the beta builds to require validation is to prevent multiple copies of unfinished versions of Fangame from spreading around. I realize that requiring such a validation will be a problem for a few people, but it was a risk I decided to take. It was primarily intended for the private beta versions which include special cheat controls (such as noclip and other goodies) designed to make testing easier for the beta team. Having such beta releases out in public could cause spoilers all over the place.

You do bring to my attention a good point, however, and I will do something about it. Since my public releases, such as this one, do not include any spoiling cheats or controls, I should modify the validation system to simply alert the player when a new version is available without disabling the entire game. I plan to have this in place when the next release becomes available.

I appreciate your feedback on that issue. I encourage you to try to get it to work again, and if you continue to have trouble, I would be glad to work with you on it.

Posted by Chronos 9th May, 2010
Rated :

And oh, @Chris Street, will you please stop unnecessarily bashing Fangame? You see, you are making yourself look like quite a jackass here. If you don't have anything nice to say, then please don't. The game is hard. Deal with it. It's not going to change. Get a life. Navigate AWAY from the page and go troll somewhere else.
Posted by vertigoelectric 9th May, 2010

Chronos, he was just being honest in how he felt. I do want feedback, both good AND bad... that way I know what kinds of things to work on and improve.

Though, perhaps Chris' way of putting it could have been better. Some of the things he said did make me feel bad after all of the extremely hard work I have put into Fangame, my first actual game I've ever made.

Either way, what's done is done and there isn't a need for bickering... not that anyone is bickering, I'm just saying...

Posted by UrbanMonk 9th May, 2010

I think what would make this game more fun would be the ability to rewind the game at anytime. That way when players die, they don't have to walk through that section again.
Posted by vertigoelectric 9th May, 2010

Hmmmm... that would be a lot of extra work... it would be like a Sands of Time sorta thing, right?

Well, part of the challenge is endurance and patience... and by patience, I mean the patience to be able to redo certain ares repeatedly until you get the whole section right.

Easier modes provide more frequent save points.
Posted by Chronos 9th May, 2010
Rated :

@vertigoelectric I understand where you're coming from but he still persisted with the insults, which were rather irrelevant, don't you think?
Posted by Chronos 9th May, 2010
Rated :

Anyways, the main thing I see that could be cool to Fangame would be the ability to teleport to previous areas by touching a save point. You could also upgrade Jonny's gun as you progress. As well as have special challenges in each cleared area that you can come back to later for fun to try and earn a trophy or something.
Posted by vertigoelectric 9th May, 2010

Gun upgrades and trophies are already planned.
Posted by nim 9th May, 2010

No problem Just update this page or leave a comment here when you've updated it. Don't worry about it being a bug - the game wanted to access the internet before it had even started so I didn't let it past the firewall. I was pretty sure it wasn't anything malicious but just to be safe. Looking forward to trying it!
Posted by Smirnoff 10th May, 2010

Having to press R to restart is a bit annoying. Doesn't seem like much, but to have the option to use any key or even any key would be nice.
Posted by vertigoelectric 10th May, 2010

"use any key or even any key" eh?

Hmmmmm... well... the "Press R to try again" thing is a sort of tribute or "ode" to IWBTG in a way... and for now I don't plan on changing it.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th May, 2010
Rated :

Just seen Chronos comments.

I would like you to tell me exactly where it was where I insulted the game exactly? I offered criticism. Criticism is not irrelevant at TDC. I didn't say it was a BAD game, I said it wasn't MY cup of tea, and I told the author why it wasn't my cup of tea.

You don't like my opinion Chrono? Tough. Deal with it. Not everybody is going to like it. But don't take offense at what I say. I'm the type of admin who gives both positive AND negative feedback and I do it to try and help, encourage and motivate.

And since you only joined TDC a week ago and are already referring to me as "acting like a jackass", telling me to "get a life", etc, something tells me I'm going to have to keep an eye on you.

Pot... kettle... black, and all that.
Comment edited by Chris Street on 5/18/2010
Posted by Matthew Wiese 18th May, 2010
Rated :

Cool game so far Vertigo.

If only I could get Wine to run Fangame correctly on my Mac... Had to play this on my pc. :|

I do have to agree with Chris though, TDC is full of criticism, and people who are new here don't exactly understand the difference between it and insults. He just wanted to make it better.
Posted by Xhunterko 23rd May, 2010

Another idea would be the ability to pick up a save point and carry it with you. Then when you think your getting to a particular difficult area, plop it down. And if you forget and go back to another area, sucks to be you.

You have to admit though, this game is rather very difficult. I mean, some of the recent one-screen platformers are easier then this. Even though I've yet to beat one.
Posted by thinlikenate 28th May, 2010

Edited: I said some dumb shit that was mean, so I deleted it. Sorry.
Comment edited by thinlikenate on 5/30/2010
Posted by vertigoelectric 28th May, 2010

Edited: Thank you
Comment edited by vertigoelectric on 7/6/2010
Posted by Watermelon876 9th July, 2010

First off, this is an awesome game. One thing that you changed from IWTBG, though, that I didn't like was to add a more metroidvania aesthetic (I think I used the wrong temr there). One thing I liked about IWTBG is even though it was crazy hard (Not just unfair: Both unfair and hard) you were able to go to a different section and try it. Like if you were stuck on Mike tyson you could go and fight someone else like Birdo (i think!). In that way, IWTBG was more like megaman and this is more like metroid. This is not a gamebreaking flaw, but I wish I could just skip some areas and come back later. Another unintended (or intended, i dont know) consequence of metroidvania is that I often don't know where to go next. Am I supposed to activate the blue blocks first or the green?
Posted by vertigoelectric 10th July, 2010

It doesn't matter if you get the blue or green first. That's the beauty of it. There will be a lot of stuff in Fangame that will make you wonder what you're supposed to do next. Most of this is intentional. I wanted to add elements that would cause the player to use their problem-solving skills more than simple run'n'jump reflexes.

Since this is my first game, there are a lot of design flaws, but as I continue to learn while developing Fangame, I will do what I can to improve. Unfortunately, some of the things, such as world design/layout, would be too much to change now.

Thanks for the comment.





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