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Fangame: The Game (beta 0.14.17)
Author: vertigoelectric Submitted: 1st October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 198

Edited By vertigoelectric on 10/1/2009

I'm almost done remapping the game with new tiles and on a different size grid. Even though the basic layout/idea is the same, so much has changed that even if you've played my last Fangame release (version 0.6.24), you should still download this one. You will find it to be much, much better!

The black, red-X boxes are temporary barriers blocking off areas that are incomplete, so you don't end up wandering off into glitchy places.

I dare you to try "Insane" difficulty (no save points). How far can YOU get in one run? Alternatively, if you choose "Pansy" mode, there is a generous distribution of save points

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Posted by Solgryn 1st October, 2009

Please make it so that the music continues when restarting, instead of just starting all over. That would be nice. More save points at pansy mode
Posted by 0ko 1st October, 2009

Yet another beta eh? I thought this was what project pages were for.
Posted by vertigoelectric 1st October, 2009

If you want to hear more of the song, you just need to survive longer. Having the song continue would mean I could not have any "Game Over" music, as well as cause other issues. Though I value the input, I am going to have to say "no" to that one.

About the saves... how far did you get that you think there should be more saves?
Posted by vertigoelectric 1st October, 2009

0ko, is there a problem?
Posted by Jon C-B 1st October, 2009

This is a lot better but I'm stick on the first area of Lime Punch Caves with the Vinvisible blocks. please help me!!! IF you dont want to tell everyone then just pm me
Posted by 0ko 1st October, 2009

No.. of course there isn't a problemImage.
Comment edited by 0ko on 10/1/2009
Posted by vertigoelectric 1st October, 2009

Jon- the invisiblocks, eh? Hmmm... well I'm not sure how to really help you without a map of the room, but I will go ahead and say that you drop in and hang to the left, landing on an invisiblock, then make your way down the left side of the room, close to the spikes in the middle (not by the outer wall), and then find your way to the bottom that way.

0ko- okay, just curious.

Posted by Jon C-B 2nd October, 2009

YES thank you soooo much I did it!
Posted by vertigoelectric 2nd October, 2009


Please let me know how far you get... and when you save, check your death count on the game select screen, as well as your time. I'd love to know those
Posted by Ski 2nd October, 2009

If you're going to keep updating new betas can you not edit your old download? Seems a tad crazy having different betas of the same game on your downloads list

Interesting game btw. Quite generic.
Posted by 0ko 2nd October, 2009

Nobody looks at old downloads!
Posted by vertigoelectric 2nd October, 2009

Thank you, 0ko. That is a big reason why I submit a new download. That, and it keeps the comments and other details consistent.

I believe Adam is just trying to give me a hard time. I deal with him in Gwerdy Chat almost daily, and for some reason he always gives me a hard time about everything (in a way that he thinks is fun but I find very rude and irritating). At the elementary school I work at, we would call that "bullying". I really don't know what he has against me. *shrug*

Anywho, I don't see any reason to submit any downloads for a long time because the physics and tile grid are pretty much set now, and I've got just about all the external feedback I need, I guess.
Posted by Ski 2nd October, 2009

Im not trying to give you a hard time, I was actually telling the truth. If you can't take critisism what's the point in you posting betas for people to test?

You make it very difficult for yourself by acting so incredibly hostile towards people. Several times yesterday you snapped at people in Gwerdy, not just myself. Where I can be a bitch and most people know that, your attitude in the chat certainly does you no favours.
Posted by vertigoelectric 2nd October, 2009

You've missed the point... and I'm not "incredibly hostile", so I would appreciate it if you would not try to make me look like something I am not. If I appear hostile it is only because I am trying to be objective (in other words, have a purpose), and I tend to get irritated... which I am sorry for. I think "incredibly hostile" is a stretch.
Posted by Jon C-B 2nd October, 2009

Deaths: 198

Time: 23m 35s

Area: Room with the spring at the beginning and the rising green liquid.
Posted by vertigoelectric 2nd October, 2009

ohhh cool! i should try myself... i think i will...
Posted by Ramond 3rd October, 2009

the "rising green liquid" IS in fact lime punch, don't forget that when you see it come for you
Posted by 0ko 3rd October, 2009

I highly doubt Adam's comment was of sour intent.
Posted by vertigoelectric 3rd October, 2009

Jonny happens to be deathly allergic to lime. It makes him splode.
Posted by Jon C-B 4th October, 2009

Wow I just went in a huge circle right back to the room with the thing that shoots you and the falling platforms...
Posted by vertigoelectric 4th October, 2009

LOL! Yes, after the slime spitter room you go to the left and then you drop down into a room you have been to before, but you have to make sure not to drop down to the lower area that you've already been through. Gotta keep going upward and to the left
Posted by Jon C-B 4th October, 2009

Yesssssss I got past the slime spitter thing
Posted by vertigoelectric 5th October, 2009

Awesome. There's a newer beta out if you want to try it:
Comment edited by vertigoelectric on 10/5/2009
Posted by vertigoelectric 5th October, 2009

Just updated actually:
Posted by Pixelthief 5th October, 2009

Thing is, this is the kind of game I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot stick until its fully finished, simply because I couldn't possibly bear the thought of working so hard only to find I've reached 'the end', and having to start over on the final release. But when you do that, I'll lap it right up
Posted by vertigoelectric 5th October, 2009

Okay... it'll be a while.





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