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Fangame: The Game (beta 0.6.24)
Author: vertigoelectric Submitted: 26th September, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 152

Edited By vertigoelectric on 10/1/2009

Though you can still download this version, I highly recommend ignoring it and downloading the new version instead. It is a MAJOR improvement from this version.

Get the new one here:


It's been a while since I've submitted a public download of any Fangame related material, and there have been tons of updates and changes, so here you have it. The most recent Fangame beta build.

While there haven't been too many more actual rooms added, there have been a few, and the existing levels have undergone a lot of change.

Currently there is still only one boss.

When you're making your way through the Frigid Ruins level, you'll eventually find some empty rooms and then nothing, as that level has not been completed yet. You'll also notice other areas that don't look complete (even the starting screen). Remember this is a BETA.

I know you might be thinking "He STILL only has one complete level after all this time?". Yes, it's true, but a lot more goes into making a game than just throwin' levels together. I try to pay close attention to the details, and I've been working hard to get the physics engine as reliable and stable as possible. (on a side note, the entire platform engine is custom, so it takes a lot of work).

Well, I won't waste any more time typing about it. Download it and play it. Remember it's very hard so don't let yourself get too frustrated, and above all, HAVE FUN!

If you like where this game is going please show your support by giving the project page a FAV here:

Also, don't forget Fangame has its own forum where beta testing and other stuff takes place: (I'm always looking for beta testers so let me know if you're interested).

PS: Just in case you're tempted to say this game is a lot like IWBTG, you should know that IWBTG is what inspired me to make a game in the first place, so naturally there are many similarities. I'm aware of this

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Posted by alastair john jack 26th September, 2009

this game is a lot like IWBTG
Posted by vertigoelectric 26th September, 2009

Doomed if I do; doomed if I don't.
Posted by Jon C-B 26th September, 2009
Rated :

Thank you this one sooo much better! I'm actually getting somewhere this time
Posted by vertigoelectric 26th September, 2009

Thank you
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th September, 2009

I still couldn't get anywhere. I wish the game would kinda point you in the right direction, or at least have some sort of tutorial.
Posted by Va1entine 27th September, 2009

I didn't know what to do either.Nice game engine though
Posted by vertigoelectric 27th September, 2009

Yeah, sorry about that. That's one of the downsides of it being a beta. Press F1 to see controls.

Also, if you mean "direction" as far as where to go in the game... in the final game one of the ideas is just to explore and find your way around. There won't be any ridiculous dead ends, but there will be some areas you can reach and some you can't until later in the game. Unfortunately, as this is incomplete, there are some areas that are empty and just seem to go nowhere.

Thanks for the compliment about the game's engine. It has been a lot of work, and is still being fine-tuned.
Posted by Ramond 27th September, 2009
Rated :

32 downloads on one day, heck yes!

...but no favs
Posted by vertigoelectric 27th September, 2009

Yes, that is pretty good, considering the most recent game with more downloads than Fangame was added 4 days ago

As far as Favs go, since users are allowed a limited number of download favs, they are less likely to add it even if they like the game. However, if they do like this game, they could go Fav the project itself
Posted by alastair john jack 27th September, 2009

lol you have sin binned in your profile description, I remember getting that when I joined - didn't think it would still be around.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 27th September, 2009

Gonna give this another whirl, but is really free-roaming a good idea with this kind of game? Heck, how are you supposed to know where you are able to go when you can't really make any progress in any direction.

Anyway, gonna try this out again.

btw. Have you made the gfx? And why were you sin-binned?
Comment edited by Eternal Man [EE] on 9/27/2009
Posted by vertigoelectric 27th September, 2009

I have no idea why I am "sin-binned". I noticed that last night and it kinda irked me a little. I didn't break any rules, so I figure it must be some kind of joke.

The free-roaming idea will work just fine because I won't allow the player to go too far off course before making it quite obvious you can't go that direction. I know that doesn't sound like free-roaming at all... but it's hard to explain. It will make more sense when the game is more complete.

Currently the only places you can go are the green teleporter to the left of the start and the blue teleporter to the right. Again, it will work out, but it's hard to explain.

I've actually made quite a few really great changes since this upload, and would love to share it, but oh well. I barely uploaded this yesterday (and 44 downloads in that amount of time is great, I might add!)
Posted by Jon Lambert 27th September, 2009

Let's see, you have three posts, 3 downloads, and one project, which amounts to 327 points. Apparently you've lost enough points to have -47. You weren't sin-binned as punishment, simply because you have too few points, from buying VIP and then deleting an old download perhaps?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 28th September, 2009

The plot thickens...!
Posted by vertigoelectric 28th September, 2009

I deleted old downloads because they were no longer on the server. What was the point of keeping them?

That's the reason it says I've "broken the rules"?

Okay then. Next time I'll leave the broken downloads links up.
Posted by alastair john jack 28th September, 2009

Yeah I got sin-binned because I accidentally posted a download twice and deleted one of them.
Posted by vertigoelectric 28th September, 2009

Well that's retarded.
Posted by Jon Lambert 29th September, 2009

Sin-binned isn't a rule breaking thing, it's an artifact from the old rating system. It used to automatically rate you based on points and give a custom rating to match. Removing points was a punishment.
Posted by vertigoelectric 29th September, 2009

I see. Okay then.





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