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Diamond Collector
Author: vertigoelectric Submitted: 12th September, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 85

This is the first actual game I ever made! You are a blue ghost and you have to collect the diamonds to win!

NOTE: This was not made with Clickteam software (though now I use MMF2 for everything), but I still wanted to share it because, well, it's the FIRST game I ever made and that's special

Review This Download (3.98 mb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 12th September, 2009


Well there another reason to stay away from Gamemaker, the runtime is huge!
Posted by vertigoelectric 12th September, 2009

lol... yeah... and the games took ages to load, too.

Hey i haven't seen you 'round the Fangame forums since you signed up.
Posted by Sketchy 12th September, 2009

I just got an error message when I trying running it
Posted by UrbanMonk 13th September, 2009

Try this version Sketchy,

it's only 473kb's
Posted by vertigoelectric 13th September, 2009

wtf is that?
Posted by UrbanMonk 13th September, 2009

Posted by vertigoelectric 13th September, 2009

No, seriously. What is that? Did you seriously rip off my first game and upload it as "another version"? It isn't even the same music.
Posted by 0ko 13th September, 2009

by comparison,they look quite similar.
where did you get that awesome music urban?!
Posted by DMT 13th September, 2009

It's a bit boring.
Posted by danjo 14th September, 2009

i think vertigo's reaction was gold.
Posted by -Nick- 15th September, 2009

I love collecting diamonds so this game is for me!
Posted by erghhhhx 25th September, 2009

Not very interesting, but thanks for sharing your first game!

UrbanMonk's mmf-ripoff is slightly better.
Posted by Va1entine 17th October, 2009

Yep thanks for shareing!!!!





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