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Mr. Sloppy
Author: Bibin Submitted: 3rd February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 208
199th Place     (2.83 / 5)

Edited By Bibin on 2/9/2009

Edited By Bibin on 2/9/2009

Edited By Rikus on 2/7/2009

Edited By Rikus on 2/7/2009

This is for the minigame competition from February!

This is the quick, fast minigame known as Mr. Sloppy! You play as a small cat, and like most cats your life involves avoiding falling off the bottom of the screen while platform hopping. Z is to jump, left and right are to move, and if you hit Z while in the air, you can sputter your legs about to keep yourself up a bit longer.


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Posted by Ski 3rd February, 2009

Its a nice sprite.. I feel it's a shame you didnt seem to put as much effort into the backgrounds etc. And who made the demo section? Jonathan Smeby?
Comment edited by -Adam- on 2/3/2009
Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

"a shame you didnt seem to"...

seem to what? lol.

it was fun for a few seconds. i would have been more comfortable if the floating was a bit more like yoshi. the best part was that demo
Posted by Ricky 3rd February, 2009

fun for a bit. the demo was pretty funny
Posted by Bibin 3rd February, 2009

The demo was me yelling at 2:32 AM.

Also, the reason it's called Mr. Sloppy is because the sprite was drawn in a matter of minutes, and the walking animation has no consistency whatsoever.
Comment edited by Bibin on 2/3/2009
Posted by Ski 3rd February, 2009

"and the walking animation has no consistency whatsoever."

Why does that matter when all he does is jump anyway?
Posted by AndyUK 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

Typical bibin. I can't really say much else.
Posted by W3R3W00F 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

There are critics who care, Adam.

Lol The demo was swell and, as usual, The game'
s got the word Bibin written all over it. Nice one.
Posted by Codemonkey 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

What did you use to make that awesome demo thing?

Good job, pretty fun for a few trys.

Posted by Bibin 3rd February, 2009

"Typical bibin. I can't really say much else. "
Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :|
Posted by Dynamite 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

Lol! The demo reminds me of the "Half Life : Fully Life Consequences" series
Posted by W3R3W00F 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

Flash, PhotoShop or Gimp, I think.
Posted by Bibin 3rd February, 2009

Nope, none of those.
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd February, 2009
Rated :

sorta fun and the demo was funny. How do you do that random generation thing for the platforms?
Posted by danjo 4th February, 2009
Rated :

not bad - its addictive.
Posted by alastair john jack 4th February, 2009
Rated :

pretty nice game, entertainment for a minute or so!
Posted by Joellie 4th February, 2009

I found it really hard to play lol i found that the sprite slipped about too much which lead him to fall of after about 75points:| i played about 8 times and couldnt do it, i liked the idea though i think i just lack skills of play simple games lol
Posted by nim 5th February, 2009

I rate this game MINUS 438 stars out of 5 because it's not the full version of Hatman.

Actually it was very funny. Typical Bibin and yes that's a good thing.
Posted by chrilley 5th February, 2009
Rated :

I am also making a game like this for the mini-comp!
Posted by Tomatokid 5th February, 2009
Rated :

I love the "DEMO" button- very funny
Good game!

Posted by Dynamite 8th February, 2009
Rated :

It got boring after I lost a few thousand times. But I really loved how the gameplay made you try again and again

I also loved the graphics and the demo section was funny
Posted by Knockturnal 8th February, 2009

"The page cannot be found"
Posted by Mr_Tom 10th February, 2009
Rated :

ok mini game i suppose but certainly shouldn't be a gotw contender compared to a number of the other games in that huge list.
Posted by W3R3W00F 10th February, 2009
Rated :

Then I suppose 1 game vs itself would suffice?
Posted by 3kliksphilip 10th February, 2009
Rated :

I'm sure that hours of hard work, dedication and playtesting went in to making this game. But all it is is a load of randomly generated blocks scrolling across the screen.
Posted by Bibin 10th February, 2009

About half an hour, actually. This is what happens at ~3:30 AM - I randomly enter tiny contests.

Guys, it is a minigame.
Posted by Mr_Tom 11th February, 2009
Rated :

yeah, as are all the other entries.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 11th February, 2009
Rated :

You're joint second in the whole competition at the moment.
Posted by Bibin 12th February, 2009

Joint third now.





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