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Donkey Kong Jr. XP
Author: Bibin Submitted: 4th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 267

Edited By Bibin on 3/17/2007

Donkey Kong Junior XP is a remake of the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong Jr. It's for the Retro Remakes competition. It was created with The Games Factory Pro. and a couple batch files Though TGF is very low level, it was sorta (not really) pushed to it's limits to replicate the game's origionality while adding some enhanced graphics and sounds.

How to play:

The Tables have turned! Mario has captured Donkey Kong! You must get the key to the cage at the top of the jungle... thing, to free him! Climb vines and jump over enemies to get there! Meanwhile, drop fruits on enemies to kill them, and get there quick for points!


Shift, Control, Or Space are to jump.
Arrow keys left and right are to walk.
Up and Down keys let you climb vines.
Enter is to start the game.
To grab a vine, Just jump onto it.

Run one of the .bat files to open the game. The one titled 'Run without Splash' runs the game without displaying the splash screen.

You get five lives to try and reach the top. If you get a high score, it is automatically saved and displayed.

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Posted by Flava 4th September, 2006

Fixed the screenshots for you
Posted by Flava 4th September, 2006

Awesome game by the way
Posted by 4th September, 2006

Did you draw the graphics?
Very nice!
Posted by Bibin 4th September, 2006

I ripped them but edited them a lot.
Posted by Del Duio 4th September, 2006

Bibin, do The Guardian Legend Next!! (I know it'll be way harder but that's my favorite NES game)
Posted by danjo 4th September, 2006

this one you did a good job with.
Posted by JohnsProgram 4th September, 2006

It looks great, but is it possible to go up to Level 298? Just want to point that out.
Posted by ben mercer 5th September, 2006

To me, this was just irritating and frustrating, but I don't really like this kind of game anyway. You did a good job with the retroness though.
Posted by Chrisbo 5th September, 2006

Fun game. Has some kinks and some frustrating inconsistencies but otherwise a lot of fun, and it played surprisingly similar to the original! thumbs ups
Posted by Bibin 6th September, 2006

Eh? Who voted down? Give a reason please.
Posted by Nicklas_N 7th September, 2006

How do I run it windowed? No matter how good a game is, it must never block all the other important tasks I need to see.

(It wasn't me who voted it down. But I can not vote it up before I can actually try it. I simply don't play fullscreen games.)
Posted by Unknown 7th September, 2006

Great game, Bibin.
Posted by Bibin 7th September, 2006

Sorry, it's fullscreen. I guess I could make you a non-full version that is switchable if you really want.
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd September, 2006

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