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Author: Bibin Submitted: 20th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 117

This app is a hybrid of iPhone/iPod Touch and MMF2 - the server is written in MMF2.

Use this server app to interface with the VirtualPad client for iPhone/iPod Touch (this will be available on Apple's App Store for only 2 dollars soon). The server, however, is free.

Simply open the server, then connect with your iPod or iPhone by typing in your IP address. Then, you can use the device as a controller for your PC with the on-screen touchpad (view screenshot 2) in landscape mode. To change what buttons trigger what keys, simply click on the button on the PC with the mouse, kit the key, and click Okay.

The defaults are:

A button - Z
B button - X
Start button - Enter
Select Button - backspace
Directionals - arrow keys

We'll be making a video showing how to use this soon too.

[man, app store apps are so lucrative!]

Also, remember that buying the client app for your iPod or iPhone support's Bibin's "get a new laptop" fund, which'll mean that Hatman 2 comes out sooner.

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Posted by Toadsanime 20th October, 2008

I'd download it as it seems like a grand idea, but I lack ownership of an iPhone or iPod.
Posted by Bibin 20th October, 2008

If you want to kinda test it without an iPod or Iphone, connect to using telnet and send commands like 0,1 to depress the up key, 0,0 to release the up key, etc. Use port 712.
Posted by X_Sheep 20th October, 2008

How sturdy is the screen of an iPhone anyway? I don't think you can press those buttons too hard or it'll break
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th October, 2008

That screen is rock solid.

Actually, isn't this a bit of a bad idea? Lan controllers (I've used my DS and PSP as one) are just a bit laggy and you're limited to using 2 fingers max on the iPod/iPhone. No tactile feedback too.
Comment edited by Dr. James on 10/20/2008
Posted by Bibin 20th October, 2008

You're not limited in fingers - multi touch is multi, not dual. It's more playable than you'd imagine; it's not for amazing fast multiplayer madness, just for casual games like tetris - the lag is not that noticable in a proper network.
Posted by 緑葉 20th October, 2008

I have an ipod but I still haven't understood what this application does
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th October, 2008

Even on our n-band router there's still lag with the DS/PSP. It's very noticeable when you try using the DS as a 'mouse'. It just sounds more like a proof of concept showcase rather than an actual commercial app.

AFAIK multitouch is just a buzzword for tech that allows 2 points of input on a single touchscreen, does it allow for more?
Posted by Bibin 20th October, 2008

It allows for an infinite amount of touch points.

[][] the app won't be usedful until we release the app for the iPod too.

the DS and PSP clients I think use the VNC protocol, which, for this, is very slow, as it is unecessarily sending screen update info.
Posted by Bibin 20th October, 2008

Also, your DS and PSP aren't N-capable.
Posted by Silveraura 21st October, 2008

So you've essentially made the worlds most expensive minimum function wireless controller for PC? Interesting.
Posted by Ski 21st October, 2008

And that was just a paperclip landing on it.
Comment edited by -Adam- on 10/21/2008
Posted by viva/volt 24th October, 2008

Sounds like a decent idea if the lag isn't an issue.

When I get my iPhone I'll give it a try, make sure you post the App-Store link here.
Posted by Bibin 24th October, 2008

It's out now - just search for VirtualPad.





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