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Bibin's Junk Collection
Author: Bibin Submitted: 31st July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 180

What does one do when they haven't anything new to release? When they've dried up? When they're completely bored? Why, make a package of old crap most people haven't seen!

This is a package of mixed Abandonware, Engines, Unfinished games, and Finished games. Mostly the former.

Some of them are kinda cool, like Ye Olde 3D Adventure, and some are downright pathetic, like Tanooji World.

Give it a shot. Not in the leg. Just a shot.

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Posted by AndyUK 1st August, 2007

Some good stuff there.
Posted by Bibin 1st August, 2007

Video of Ye Olde 3D Adventure:
Posted by Hempuli 3rd August, 2007

Best of these is that newest grayscale rabbit thingee.
Posted by -Liam- 3rd August, 2007

~Wants the megaman engine~

How did you acheive the snazzy background? Incredible btw
Posted by X_Sheep 4th August, 2007

Heh, My Distraction runs slow as hell in windowed mode, then when I found the fullscreen option it went a lot faster =P
Posted by Bibin 5th August, 2007

It also runs faster if you make the window 1x sized. It's the button closest to the close button.
Posted by AndyUK 6th August, 2007

'How did you acheive the snazzy background'?

That looks like a mode 7 object in the background.
Posted by Bibin 6th August, 2007

You get 544773 correctness points.
Posted by mojofltr 9th August, 2007

Very cool! There are several games that I would have liked to see finished.
I wish more people would compile their abandonware like this.
Posted by Xhunterko 15th February, 2008

could not find it. i actually wanted to see this.

Comment edited by Xhunterko on 3/2/2008





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