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Laser Dazer
Author: Jouni Submitted: 8th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 76

A small arcade-shooter which someone may recognize from V-Cade. I just decided to convert it to standalone for bigger audience...

The goal in the game is simple: just don't let any BLUE, RED or YELLOW
'balls' to the bottom of the playfield. To prevent that, you have a turret to
control with three different colored laser cannons, blue, red and yellow
ones. To destroy a ball, you have to shoot it with the laser same color as the
ball; no other color will affect.
You can also use bonuses falling from the top. The bonuses are all
secondary colored: VIOLET, ORANGE and GREEN. To get the bonuses, you
have to shoot them with the same color also. To get the secondary color,
you have to mix two primary colors.

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Posted by jast 9th June, 2002

Why oh why do you guys always use z x and c? The German keyboard has the z where the English ones have their y! My fingers already hurt (and im not kidding...)
Posted by Paolo Victor 9th June, 2002

Because it originally is a Vitalize! Game. Using the arrow keys would be a disaster (the page would scroll).
Posted by Paolo Victor 9th June, 2002

ARGH! Forget what I said above, just when I pressed the "Submit" button I remembered that z x and c are not the movement keys ^^'
Posted by Jouni 10th June, 2002

Oh, sorry, I really didn't know there's qwertz -keyboards still somewhere... Well, you always learn something new... :P
Posted by Evil Monkey 9th December, 2002

I've played this one on the v-cade! It rules!





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