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Lottery Expert v1.0
Author: Jouni Submitted: 13th July, 2002 Favourites:0
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Note, this is a program, not a game...

Originally I made this for personal use, of course , but I decided to help you get a slice of wealth and bliss by money. (I'm only interested in Keno, which is 'stake and module' -based, so the amount of winners doesn't matter. If there happens to be any Finns downloading this...
There's no proof that life and random events in nature doesn't include repetition. Scientists say that computers can't generate random numbers, but nature can. They say that when listing enough computer-generated random numbers, you can see a pattern. What if some of the lotteries happen to be drawn by computer? What if nature DOES include patterns?

The program is simple: you take up the drawn rows and enter them into the program, which calculates the most common numbers and generates the row for you from them. The more numbers you add, the more accurate it will be. In theory of course..
With this program, you can calculate rows for lotteries that uses 7 numbers from 0 to 7 (Jokeri), 7 numbers from 1 to 39 (Lotto) and 10 numbers from 1 to 70 (Keno). Lotto, Keno and Jokeri are Finnish lotteries, so I don't know if these fit to foreign lotteries. Hopefully...
The program can also make histograms out of the number database to see any patterns. Classy.

So if you want easy money, download this now! Fast before I change my mind and decide to keep all the money!

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Posted by Deathbringer 13th July, 2002

Make one that does the numbers 1-49 and i'll think about it XD
Posted by HiredGun 13th July, 2002

So how much have you won from this, Jouni?
Posted by Canaryman 13th July, 2002

i'd like to see your algorythms for this, as if you are simply taking the most picked numbers, then you are going to be sadly let down. If you go by that logic then the same numbers would come out every week. The UK lottery is drawn by machine, but not eletronic random numbers, instead it uses gravity, and a random time to select. The ammount of factors involved makes it nigh on impossible to predict it accuratly and means that this program is, infact, a piece of junk. No offence, i'm just being frank, or canaryman, or someone else who is very up-front. I would predict that you have more chance getting the numbers out of mystic meg than you do out of this.
Posted by Jouni 13th July, 2002

Canaryman, the factor-fact is longly explained in the help-file of Lottery Expert.. And I wouldn't call this piece of junk, just fun, or depending on the person, stupid. And the diagram is fun. XD I haven't filled any coupons yet, but I'm slowly collecting numbers for the program, and after month or two... Keno is allotted every day. :)
Posted by FlameCritter 13th July, 2002

What about Powerball?
Posted by Jouni 13th July, 2002

What the darn is Powerball? :)
Posted by FlameCritter 13th July, 2002

Powerball is another lottery game.. I guess it's just in the U.S. But it's another big one.
Posted by Canaryman 13th July, 2002

they are all a load of junk, and i'll bet they are all schemes by the lottery commissions to boost sales. You don't happen to work for them, aloha... if that is your real name
Posted by Mindstorms 14th July, 2002

POWER BALL! hehhheh.....thats the coolest name ever for a lottery game.....ya, i think only us united statesers get it.....
Posted by Tockus 15th July, 2002

no the national lottery over here in the uk have 4 lottry games normal(drawn sat+wed) powerball(same,i think) Extra(you must get all 6 numbers) and "Hot picks"
Posted by Partack 15th July, 2002

lol.... Mystic meg... thats funny.. if mystic meg was so good then howcome she never won the national lottery herselfe?
Posted by The Chris Street 15th July, 2002

the numbers 24, 19, and 83 are of significant importance... people with the names "Chris", "Rikus" and "Plasticow" will may have good fortune...factory workers, midwives, and recently redundant gardeners..will be celebrating tooooooOOOooo
Posted by WesR 15th July, 2002

Whats wrong with the little lotto keychains filled with small balls that randomly fall in tubes. And also, Canaryman, if this program could give the actual winning numbers everytime, Jouni would probobly charging you for it.
Posted by Jouni 16th July, 2002

Nope, aloha isn't my real name. And nope, I don't work for lottery commissions.. I'm just damn rich now.
Posted by Ice 27th July, 2002

Mystic Meg doesn't tell people the numbers, she expresses WHO will win. =P "Tonights winner, will have a number on their door!"





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