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Author: Jouni Submitted: 23rd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 102

This is an ancient game of mine which I decided to submit here if someone would get some fun out of it... (And because I just got an email from a company that makes mobile games wanting to make Maniax into mobile phones..)

Maniax is a deathmatch-shooter for two players. Originally it was made for finnish deathmatch-players in shareware, but now it's completely free since no one registered it... (Of course money is always welcome even now!
The game includes 15 weapons plus the 'aid-kit' which really cannot be defined as a weapon...

- Knife
- Throwing knife
- Pistol
- Uzi
- Laser
- Flame Thrower
- Plasmagun
- Freezer
- Grenade
- Gas Grenade
- Explosive
- Rocket Launcher
- Super Bomb
- Ionspitter
- Drone Missile

Ten levels come with the ZIP, and with level editor you can make more of them.

Remember to download Maniax KeyGenerator to register the game to full version. It can be found here: (219 kb)

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Posted by Jouni 23rd July, 2002

Needless to say, but I'd like to hear comments about this too.. :D
Posted by Daniel Rehn 23rd July, 2002

I think it would look better if you make allt he landscape graphics the smae perspective! :)
Posted by T.U.G.A. 23rd July, 2002

I remmember this game from like 2 years ago. Its still got its charm
Posted by Asholay 23rd July, 2002

:( It won't work on my system- I't looked good too :(
Posted by Jouni 23rd July, 2002

Wow, someone remembers. :) Great. And yeah, Daniel, I know that the crates look awful. Hahah, after all, that game was made about 3-4 years ago.
Posted by Jouni 23rd July, 2002

BTW, Spanky :), how doesn't it work?





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