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McWienie v1.0
Author: Jouni Submitted: 6th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 52

Edited By Jouni on 1/6/2003


McWienie? What the heck is that? Don't ask me, I only made the game, so I don't know. But you may want to play the game to find it out.

To make long things short and fat things slim and stupid people clever and eh.. I can tell you this: McWienie is smaller than smallest of games, and it has worse graphics than the games with worst graphics. But, it's not the size, but how you use it. And it's what's inside that matters. If McWienie would want to be categorized, it would choose the snake-games, since the heart of McWienie pumps with real snake-blood even though not for all players the snakey-snakey-part is the best -

Oh, even shorter, you say? Oh, sure, Mr. Impatient...

McWienie is about collecting things. And in particular, controlling Wienies to collect things which happen to be called The Items. And The Items are quite important, since only after you've collected them all, the ending points in a possible level you've been playing, open. And, in fact, hitting a wall is very, very lethal.
This is not all, lovely readers, not at all! As you're exploring the levels of the game, you can collect MACs, the currency of McWienie, that help you 100% to get more out of the game! After you've first played a level thru, The Secret-O-Matic is activated, which, if feeded with proper amount of MACs and some gambling-spirit, opens you the passages to salvation. And secret unlockables too.

Even this is not all! McWienie has also a level editor (thank God, because there aren't too much levels yet...), and a support for modifications, in geek, mods. Although at the moment the McModKit™, which allows you to make your own mods if you have MMF 1.2, is not released yet.

Okay, now you can look at the screenshots and start downloading! Hop, hop!

= This is another quality product from allmighty Module Software. Now stop lauging! =
= Go to Module Software's website ( ) for updates, more levels and episodes and other McCreations" =

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Posted by Jouni 6th January, 2003

By the way, first 5 commenters posting their email-addresses get 100 free MACs! :)
Posted by Rhodesy 8th January, 2003

Nicely presented, apart from the text in this game is really hard to read with it being soooo small....
Posted by DaveC 8th January, 2003

thumbs up
Posted by Prototailz 8th January, 2003

Cool! Pitäiskö koittaa?
Posted by CYS 8th January, 2003

Cool one! but i always die at start! :( It's too fast for me...:P
Posted by -Oka- 8th January, 2003

im the 5TH!!!!!! :D
Posted by -Oka- 8th January, 2003

löydät kai ton mailin tuolta profiilista :P
Posted by -Oka- 8th January, 2003

Ok, not necessary anymore, cool game :)
Posted by -Oka- 9th January, 2003

Have to download this again ;)





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