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SMILEY MISSION (full game)
Author: moonbird99 Submitted: 5th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 79

Edited By moonbird99 on 07/02/2006

Edited By moonbird99 on 07/02/2006

Edited By moonbird99 on 06/02/2006


The mission is to save smilies. Your hero can bounce to redeem a bad smiley. He can also enliven a trapped smiley by bouncing on him and then control him and then save him through the yellow portal.

That's it really - there isn't much else to tell -

As they say "less is more" - have fun

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 (2,5 kkb )

Posted by BeamSplashX 6th February, 2006

The screenshots are rather... uninformative?
Posted by Milo 6th February, 2006

lol Phizzy I don't think you press "Enter" an alful lot. I just tried it and didn't like it you had to press "Shift" too much and the sad guys go faster and are hard to control

Posted by moonbird99 6th February, 2006

that's the whole point - the sad guys go faster and you have to control them - just thought it was a semi original idea but ..... there you go apparently it isn't - dam creativity ... hehe (not)
Posted by Peblo 7th February, 2006

Uhg, installer.
Uhg, bugs.
Uhg, default platform movement.
Posted by Airflow 10th February, 2006

what, custom is better? As a matter of intrest, what would you call puerly event based movement?

Posted by Reno 10th February, 2006

Perhaps "custom movement". It is in the name.

If it wasn't for that "press up to attack" thing, i would love this game.
Posted by Airflow 13th February, 2006

I thought it was original. But when I saved all the sads and destroyed all the angry's in level one, the exit didn't open. (grrr)
Posted by Dalal 13th February, 2006

This was a very original game. I like it!
Posted by moonbird99 13th February, 2006

that's cos smiley has to push a button after all saved and all redeemed - it is situated under the door.
Posted by Airflow 15th February, 2006

thanks, mabye that should have been in the tutorial (unless it was and I didn't notic-inwhich case, fix it!)
Posted by moonbird99 15th February, 2006

point taken - but there again the objective of a game can be to find out the secrets to proceed?
Posted by moonbird99 16th April, 2006

I'm SO pleased I got "slightly" - I genuflect





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