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Author: moonbird99 Submitted: 13th October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 84

Edited By moonbird99 on 10/14/2005

Edited By moonbird99 on 10/14/2005

A fast paced platformer using (gulp,,,,) in bult movement - yikes that's half the people refusing to download (cos they're snotty nosed individuals but let's ignore them)_ - but no - just give it a try - the game is inspired by Abe's Oddessy - you have to "save" sad smilies and convert bad smilies before you can progress

Game has decent scrolling - parralax etc.. and half decent graphics - some might say better than decent (I genuflect to them) (loads of people looking up word genuflect - must be my Catholic upbringing)

Seriously - I just wonder if you can give me the inspiration to continue

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 mission.exe (1.1kb )

Posted by Roman-the-evil 13th October, 2005

Idea is interesting. Graphics look nice. But this built in engine is really buggy. Very unconvinient to play.
Posted by kjarom 14th October, 2005

I agree with that Roman said; you had a nice semi-original idea with very good graphics...but a game of this calibur needs a solid engine, too. Don't be discouraged, though! Keep trying, the game definitely has potential...hey, maybe even add some multiplayer if you finished one-player mode!
Posted by moonbird99 14th October, 2005

I'm starting to feel a bit ....... encouraged (?) continue
Posted by Windybeard Games 15th October, 2005

Why ruin it with an installer? looks really good thought, i like, i like! ;)
Posted by moonbird99 21st October, 2005

sorry bout installer - my winzip is playing up at moment
Posted by Lucas Geniza 5th November, 2005

Hey! Why did you put descent parallax ideas. Can you please help me where you get these sounds!!!
Posted by Lucas Geniza 6th November, 2005

where do you get these smiley ideas






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