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Author: moonbird99 Submitted: 7th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 172

Enter the Haunted House - search out rooms to find switches in other rooms - a lot of searching but it's worth it )

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Posted by citizen[Ac] 7th November, 2004

err...this game was at best a beginning game, not trying to put you down. if your interested in a haunted house game [acoders pimping] check out Haunted House by Danjo of Acoders
Posted by Andrew Barontini 7th November, 2004

um its cool i guess but i got into te "darkest of dark" shack and there is no way to go
Posted by vortex2 8th November, 2004

The timing on the Moonbird production screen, and the story are way off, they need to be quicker. The "missing girl" frame, could use some serious work. Add more detail to the prision bars and work more on the scenery and such.. In the main game the controls are akward and the engine seems to be the default one as you have the playfield sticking bug. I recommend using a custom engine and such as it makes the game play better (less bugs).
Posted by moonbird99 8th November, 2004

okay so its a beginners game but we all gotta start somewhere - thx 4 the constructive criticism :-)
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 9th November, 2004

I got scared and could not play any more :S
Posted by J.J 9th November, 2004

i acctually think this was much better than most of the games that are submitted here nowdays. Good Work
Posted by Devernath 5th February, 2005

not very fun
Posted by damik 11th March, 2005

good game but no excelent.
Posted by izac 2nd November, 2005

i wanna see this game but it don't work no more, someone please send me another link to me somthing please
Posted by Leon101 19th December, 2005

Yeah, the link isn't working. I was gonna give it a try. I'm looking for some scary horror games that involves running away from the enemy or enemies (kind of like clock tower, but it doesn't have to be hiding from them). So, I'm going to try haunted house by danjo.
Posted by moonbird99 15th February, 2006

I put link back on soon - it aint scary as such but you need brains to solve the puzzles
Posted by Moonyjacob 20th January, 2013
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put the link back up please i beg you ^^
Comment edited by Moonyjacob on 1/20/2013
Posted by Moonyjacob 17th August, 2013
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please... the year is 2013, if anyone sees this fucking comment please give me this god damn game.. send me a mail





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