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Bouncy Ball
Author: jl32bit Submitted: 2nd February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 87

Edited By jl32bit on 2/2/2006

Edited By jl32bit on 2/2/2006

Edited By jl32bit on 2/2/2006

First off, let me start by saying I originally started this game a few years ago, and during the time from then till now I've been on and off with this game. Over the course of those years I've learned a few new things about level designing, so I apologize for the ridiculous file size. I understand if you won't download it because it's 10MB, but if you do I hope you enjoy it.

The game consists of 42 levels and 4 bosses. It's a non-scrolling platformer that's very simple to understand and pick up on. There are a lot of different aspects to the game, from exploring an over-world to a store you can buy different things with crystals you collect throughout the game. It's solid in its build; there's a tutorial, half decent menus, and I've tried to make it as glitch free as possible.

I'm expecting there will be some complaints about it, but again I hope you enjoy it. Please visit our website and forums if you get the chance to at .

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Posted by Silveraura 3rd February, 2006

I'll let my review speak for me.
Posted by jl32bit 4th February, 2006

Thanks a bunch. Actually, over the course of working on this game, and having it sit idle on my computer for months on end, I've learned alot more through examples and practice (things like custom movements and more complex coding). I see what you mean by simplistic enemies and annoyances, and I'll definatly take that into account in future projects.

(for the record, nothing was stolen from 3rd parties... I've personally talked to the composers of each song/s and made sure they were ok with it)
Posted by Silveraura 4th February, 2006

Allot of the sounds if not all of them, are taken right off the MMF Disk 2. I wasnt claiming that you stole anything. I was saying though, that I couldnt fairly review someone elses work, in your game & give it a fair judgement.
Posted by Hempuli 4th February, 2006

ooh sorry, i vote thumbs down before i really get this game...
Posted by Hempuli 4th February, 2006

good game.
Posted by en kerro 4th February, 2006

This game remains me from a mobile game in some Nokia cell phones... but this is not so good..
Posted by Reno 4th February, 2006

I don't like it. After i finished the training, the game would lag all because of the scrolling. It lagged sooooooo bad I couldn't even play, I would have to purposly turn right 10 seconds in advance it was this bad.

Other than that, i like the game
Posted by ben mercer 5th February, 2006

Try using the "player 1 moved left" conditions instead of "left arrow key pressed". This has eliminated keyboard lag for me in the past.
Posted by jl32bit 5th February, 2006

I use the "player 1 moves event" rather than the "arrow key" event but for a diffrent reason (to enable customizable controls)

I think the lag is due to how the setup is in the overworld. With that said however, I've tested this game on a few computers already, and a half decent computer should be able to run this game and only have tolerable lag. Had I done this project over, or for my newer projects, I'd focus on planning ahead to prevent lag like this.
Posted by Aile the Alien 6th February, 2006

I'm guessing that the lag from the overworld is from the many objects that are on the world.
Most of these are off-screen, so you could just not display them, based on the player's location in the world.
The cues already used to switch background music could be used to locate the player.
Posted by jl32bit 7th February, 2006

"A decent system should still lag? Don't you find that a little silly?"

No, it's not that silly. I'm aware of the lag, however my previous comment was in responce to Reeds comment about the lag being so intollerable he couldn't play the game.

Aile, that could be one way to solve it, and that would work. I was thinking of a non-scrolling world that would load pre-made levels. Regardless, I have to take that into account if I make another game... I'm done with this one.
Posted by Qwertybub3 8th February, 2006

Why is the underwater music not in the Sound Test?





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