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Review: Bouncy Ball
Author: Silveraura
Added: 03/02/2006

After playing this game, I felt I knew it well enough to create an honest review, so here is my review of: Bouncy Ball

First things first, we'll start off with the presentation of the game. All an all, the presentation felt sturdy, but the fact that you couldnít skip past anything in the game like intros or help speeches given by the old block with a magic mustache, made things pretty nerve reaching in the very start of the game. For a game as simple as this, why not just add a simple help screen? Or at least let people skip past the help & learn it on there own. I donít know, it seemed like a good idea at first, but it eventually got annoying. Overall, the presentation of the game wasnít that bad, just annoying when you create a new game (as most story based games seem to be in the start anyway )
Presentation earns 6 out of 10.

Game play, well thereís not much to say here about the game play other then the fact that its pretty basic. You control a ball that moves around the level in a platform game. There could be more you could do with this, but overall it was very simple. On the other hand, you will find that the game play is actually very stable & not full of bugs. Not bad I guess. My biggest complaint here just happens to be a pretty large problem if you ask me. The default controls for shooting are very off. When you shoot stars, you find yourself changing positions allot! The controls consist of using the arrow keys to move, shift to jump, the MOUSE to aim, & Z to shoot!? Z? Why Z? I only have 2 hands! Maybe you have more? I donít know, but the controls were very annoying in my eyes. The enemies were very basic & sort of annoying. They use nothing more then the bounce movement, which makes them very hard to deal with. They have the ability to pull very unfair moves, or just bounce in the middle of a walkway, putting you back at least 30 seconds of your life every single time! So game play earns 8 out of 10.

Graphics are the least of most kliker minds when they go to design a game, so in this case... I have to think in the form of mind as "take it or leave it" because when graphics that look clean pretty clean & crisp come through DC, its like a once every 30 games deal. Overall the graphics werenít too bad, but you could have added more colors in the shading, or used a different form to blend the colors together, because that shading just seemed to ruin allot of the bigger objects. The graphics on things such as the ball or the platforms, werenít bad to say the least, but to compare with most klik games we get here, I'd give a an 8Ĺ, but because I cant do that, I'll just give you the full 9 I guess.

Sound & Music is nothing to go crazy about here. The sounds were matched alright, & the music was too I guess, but with simple things such as when you finish a level... the same sound repeating like 20x a second, got ear splitting, & the fact that I couldnt skip it just made it worse! You can tell that almost all the sound & music in the game was taken from some sort of 3rd party place, be it the MMF CD or over the internet, so I cant honestly rate this anymore then 8. So with that said, taken into consideration the points I take away because of the annoyance of some sounds, I'll need to pop a 6 out of 10.

Last ability can go either way with this game. If you find it highly exciting to jump around gathering coins in a level with enemies that only bounce, far be it from me to stop you. I found the games last ability very low how ever. The game got very boring, very fast & the start of the game bored me to tears, but I'll stop bragging on about that! Overall, the game has allot of levels yes, but the chance of you ever getting to all of them is pretty slim, because unless you have something better to do, which most people will... the game is just not that fun to play! Last ability fires 3 out of 10.

Overall the game wasnít as bad as some may think, but I gave it an honest effort to see the best of this game. Looking at everything the game had to offer, you could tell it was going for a very professional feel, an it almost made it... but missed by a few chunks of hair. So overall, I'll give the game 7 out of 10. Good job, but see if you can do better in the future.

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