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Ultimate Platform Challenge
Author: kjarom Submitted: 23rd September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 67

Edited By kjarom on 9/23/2005

Hey everyone!
I remember a couple months ago, I was playing this game called the "One-Level Challenge". Pardon me because I forget who made it, but I remember going, "Man, so many improvements can be made on this." So naturally I created my own version of that game! I hope everyone likes it, it features:

-Home-made sprites
-Sound effects
-Classical music
-Near-flawless use of default engine
-Very challenging level!

The controls are obvious, and simple:
-Arrow keys to move around
-<Shift> to jump

That's all the controls you need to know. See if you can beat it! If the game is popular enough, I'll make a new version with a built-in timer so you can see your time at the end of the game, and even multiple levels, weapons, and more. Download away, and good luck!

Hint: When you're going through the 3rd floor the second time, wait for the music to finish and loop so it doesn't pause while you're in mid-air. You'll know what I mean.

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Posted by chrilley 23rd September, 2005

"-Near-flawless use of default engine" Nope, it's not even close to near-flawless. =/ Try hold jump and press the left key repeatly at the left wall and you'll see what I mean. Check out the articles for Custom movement ;)
Posted by kjarom 23rd September, 2005

Ok, I fiddled around with it, and now you can't jump up the left wall. NOW try it out, Smarty! Bet ya can't beat it....>:)
Posted by kjarom 24th September, 2005

Yeah, if I can see that enough people like it I'll make another version for next week with a built-in timer so you can see what your time is. And how many times you died. I'm already working on a second level, though.
Posted by kjarom 24th September, 2005

OH maybe people pressed "Q"?
Posted by Jimmy Pig 26th September, 2005

Try the original one! I made it click my name or something
Posted by Jimmy Pig 26th September, 2005

Forgot my damned name honestly
Posted by kjarom 26th September, 2005

Dude the original one is pretty tough...I still forget how I made that one jump on the bottom floor haha, but yeah, that was a really hard game. You had good ideas, tho, so maybe you should spend awhile and remake that game into a scrolling screen adventure game or something. B)
Posted by izac 27th September, 2005

i can't play this game cuase it's in a .rar!!! and i don't have the tools to unzip that sort of file!
Posted by en kerro 27th September, 2005

voe perkele oot savosta kotosin. missäpä päen savvoo asut? ite asun varpasjärven lähellä





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