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Metroid Resurrection Multiplayer
Author: kjarom Submitted: 30th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 128

Edited By kjarom on 10/10/2005

Metroid Resurrection Multiplayer Edition!

This is the multiplayer mode of a game that I am currently working on, obviously named Metroid Resurrection. But I'll talk about that game when it comes out!

Metroid Resurrection Multiplayer Edition (MRM) features Samus Aran, of course, but also a Dark Samus. They battle in different levels, ranging from the planet Brinstar, to the fiery depths of Norfair, even in outer space!

The buttons are simple, and even though they're included in the game, here they are:

Left, Right, Up, Down: ADWS
Shoot/Bomb: CTRL
Jump: Shift

Left, Right, Up, Down: Arrow keys
Shoot/Bomb: /
Jump: .

NOTE: You can charge up your shot by holding down the shoot button!

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Posted by kjarom 31st August, 2004

Please don't hesitate to write any comments you may have about the game!
Posted by Airflow 31st August, 2004

don't write stuff like that, u sound desperate. (And i'm yet to play it)
Posted by Teapot 1st September, 2004

Dark Samus is one of the bad-guys in the prime storyline (will feature in Prime 2: Echoes).
Posted by Blackstorm 1st September, 2004

Wow, I'm the first to say anything about the actual GAME. This is pretty good. You used the default platform movement very well. Problem is, however, when in morph ball, you can't be hit by the normal shots. The only way to hurt it is to lay bombs in morph ball. The problem with that is that the bombs are rather easy to dodge. And so the morph ball has no downsides. Perhaps if you were to lower the morph ball's stats, (jumping, speed) that would make this game very good, gameplay-wise. More courses would be cool too, and story mode, but I would focus on those other things first.
Posted by kjarom 1st September, 2004

Yea, thats a good point. This was only a beta release I suppose, so I'll update the download link in a couple days or so...and yea, the only way to hurt Samus in morph ball stage is to shoot a charged blast at it. So there are a couple bugs in it, but thanks for the info!
Posted by Airflow 1st September, 2004

I like this. :) The game plays well and the engine is decent too. Shame about no 1 player mode though. :(
Posted by kjarom 2nd September, 2004

I'm currently working on it, but it won't be ready for a while. I should release a demo of the first planet, Glacia, in about a month, though. I just need free time... :(
Posted by Airflow 22nd March, 2005

I wish you would show us what you have done on the single player game.
Posted by Zethell 1st October, 2005

I hate it.
Posted by Zethell 1st October, 2005

Once i release my Metroid "Online" i will whoop your Pie!
Posted by Faraz Parsa 22nd April, 2006

Could use more work...Alot more work. I like where you're going with it though. Sound Effects and more variety could help.





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