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Spy Wars
Author: kjarom Submitted: 8th October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 109

Edited By kjarom on 10/15/2005

UPDATE: I hope the download still works, my sitesled account has been deleted 3 times in 4 days, so I switched to geocities.


This is a game I've been working on for awhile now called Spy Wars. It features furious multiplayer platform shooting action! So grab a buddy and get ready for an awesome spy fighting experience! Spy Wars is loosely based off of Spy vs. Spy (the one by The Digital Alchemist) but the action is more Bond-like. I believe you'll all really enjoy it (just make sure you have someone to play it with, to bring out the whole experience!). This game has:

-Homemade graphics
-3 modes of play: Regular, One-Shot Kill, and Bazooka
-5 levels to choose from
-The ability to harness a jet pack
-Hours of fun!
-Few glitches
-Lovely background music inspired by James Bond

In the future, I plan on making this game into a giant online tournament (I'll have a Regular Tourny, a One-Shot Kill Tourny, a Bazooka Tourny, and a Jet Pack Regular Tourny), and eventually a stable online site. I just gotta work on the funding . So ENJOY!

Hit me back with any questions, comments, concerns, or just anything .

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Posted by sententia 8th October, 2005

I like it. Its pretty fun! There are some glitches like you said, but its not too bad. The gameplay is good, I like how you did the jetpacks a lot, but in the jetpack level I jetted through the spikes and it froze :( . Thumbs Up.
Posted by sententia 8th October, 2005

The only thing it really needs are more weapons/gadgets.
Posted by kjarom 8th October, 2005

Yeah it does. I wanted to release this to see if people liked the basic engine of it, and I plan on making a couple more levels, possibly improving the jetpacks, and like you said adding a couple semi-automatic weapons and mines. Thanks for the positive feedback, though!
Posted by izac 8th October, 2005

Intresting... You should add some effects like: Blood! And when the guya dies you should make his hat fly off!:P nice! thumbs up!
Posted by kjarom 8th October, 2005

Not bad ideas :-D
Posted by Milo 10th October, 2005

I can't win even if I'm playing a inanmate object, but please don't add blood.
Posted by Fragasnap 10th October, 2005

Or you make blood optional if you decided to add it.
Posted by kjarom 10th October, 2005

You can't win when playing an inanimate object, eh...well, that's pretty bad haha. If you look REALLY closely, theres a little bit of blood when you get hit by a bullet. Just look closely!
Posted by izac 11th October, 2005

i wanne see blood fly everywhere!
Posted by kjarom 11th October, 2005

Heh, this is called "Spy Wars", not "Bloody Massacre 2"...if you REALLY want blood that bad then on my next release of this game I'll add a little more :)
Posted by kjarom 12th October, 2005

Thanks for the positive feedback and voting guys!
Posted by 12th October, 2005

Posted by Bibin 13th October, 2005

that IS fun! if you have too much blood and gore you realize thats all you focused on and then the graphics are good but the game then sucks, or/and isn't much fun.
Posted by kjarom 14th October, 2005

Good point...well, I thought making the screen flash red when you took damage was gory enough ;)
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 14th October, 2005

Really great game! Just don't add much blood, or gore. The only reason Fluffy said that is because he is OBSESSED with blood/gore.
Posted by izac 14th October, 2005

NO!NO!NO! make lots and LOTS of blood!!!!!
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 17th October, 2005

Nice work, I'm interested in seeing future versions of this! I would reccommened you add "ducking", to avoid bullets... :)
Posted by DaVince 18th October, 2005

How come your sitesled account was deleted anyway? :P Remember that it's not only for webspace; you have to have a site on there to keep it!
Posted by kjarom 20th October, 2005

oooh...i didn't know that.
Posted by Faraz Parsa 22nd April, 2006

Nice n' Simple! With some more work, you could turn it into a top-notch Brawler! Also, try using some different music other than Goldeneye 007 ones.





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