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Super Smash Brothers Classic
Author: kjarom Submitted: 27th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 232

Edited By kjarom on 6/18/2005

Hey guys, after accepting much needed criticism for my last attempted Smash Brothers game on this site, I worked hard for about a month or so and created this--Super Smash Brothers Classic! It features 4 classic Nintendo characters, 4 classic stages, and dozens of moves for the character's to use! It also has great music and some sound effects. I understand, however, it may be a TEENY BIT buggy because it was programmed with the default platform movement in TGF, but please give me feedback and tell me any bugs you come across.

Have fun!

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Posted by Jetstar 27th May, 2005

Do not use geocities! Use or Change your host and I'll download it.
Posted by kjarom 27th May, 2005

OK, I don't know how many times I've said this, but is freaking retarded. I've signed up for that SO many times and none of my accounts have ever been enabled. And I just checked and it isn't available either. Any more sites?
Posted by wario 27th May, 2005

plz change site, do or something!
Posted by Hayo 27th May, 2005

geocities is not that bad.
Posted by kjarom 27th May, 2005

ok i put everything on sitesled. it should be working now!
Posted by leilei 27th May, 2005

lol what the, hitting 0% damage shouldn't mean instant death.
Posted by Joshua M. 27th May, 2005

The controls are retarded. By the way this isn't Super Smash Brothers, it doesn't deserve that name if you use health. If it were a Super Smash Brothers game, you can't die of hits, fireballs and stuff.
Posted by Dave Matthew (Jester Gaming) 27th May, 2005

I agree with Joshua. The thing that made super smash brothers special is that it DON'T work the same way as all other fighting games. This is more like... uhm, yeah, any fighting game besides super smash brothers
Posted by Jason Dudie 27th May, 2005

the game exits after looking at all the control menus.
Posted by Ski 27th May, 2005

oh dear.
Posted by Ski 27th May, 2005

Posted by kjarom 27th May, 2005

aww i spent a month on it. ANYthing positive guys?
Posted by Jason Dudie 27th May, 2005

well, it's a good concept and the graphics and music are good
Posted by Nuklear41 28th May, 2005

Posted by 28th May, 2005

You usually have to spend more than 1 month on a game to get something worthy; I mean a year or more.
Posted by Joshua M. 28th May, 2005

What the, one month! This could be made in no more than 3 days! Man, don't go saying 'Aww I spent a month on it' if you submit a game of this quality, it will only make things worse. Oh and never listen to nuklear.
Posted by thinlikenate 28th May, 2005

wow. finally a fangame that's true to the original. well done. this only took you a month? could you help me with my game i'm making? i'm having trouble making my characters not fall through the floor.
Posted by Joshua M. 28th May, 2005 That's what I say to that comment XD
Posted by Ski 28th May, 2005

oh dear.
Posted by Joshua M. 28th May, 2005

Posted by kjarom 28th May, 2005

OK Joshua, you wanna know how it took me a month? Think of all the different character matchup possibilities, then think of programming each of their individual levels. They were 16 levels that had to be programmed, I had to rip some of the graphics obviously, I had to find classic midis, adequate WAVS (well, yea...), and if ur gonna be such a tool, why don't you try making a smash bros game with 4 different characters and see how yours turns out???? Phew...
Posted by Joshua M. 28th May, 2005

Uhm, so? You're not convincing me.
Posted by -Vinny- 28th May, 2005

then try making it, and then get back to us, obviously we aren't all as good as you are, so maybe you can put us in awe after you make a ssb game better than this one
Posted by Jeff Silvers 28th May, 2005

This game... isn't that good. A lot of the graphics don't match up at all (even outside of the fact that the characters come from different games so obviously they'll look differently -- the Dream Land stage appears to be 16-bit and the Hyrule Temple stage is custom, while everything else is 8-bit). The music fits the enviroments, so there's a plus. It's a good concept, too, it's just poorly executed. Also, the gameplay is nothing like SSB (i.e., you used health instead of an elimination system).
Posted by amehrban 28th May, 2005

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Posted by Sean Kelly 28th May, 2005

Kjarom, you didnt have to make a level for all the match-up possibiltys.T_T That could have been easily solved with global values and such...
Posted by Joshua M. 29th May, 2005

-_- exactly. It's that easy.
Posted by -Vinny- 29th May, 2005

ok sean kelly, he never said that he made a level for every match possibility, he said that he had to create a level for each character, that is their home levels (so does that mean there are 16 characters?) and joshua, just agreeing with someone doesn't prove you right, you are just bashing it, while others others are providing more positive feedback, so unless you make a ssb fangame, you aren't moving me that easily
Posted by Sean Kelly 29th May, 2005

Ok, I admit to being wrong..I mis-read the post, I appoligize. Anyway, this game is not terrible, it is in the middle. Its kindA FUN :/
Posted by hop 29th May, 2005

Next time I suggest not using the default engine. With custom engines you could do things like double jumps and hitting guys off the screen and such.
Posted by Linkman 29th May, 2005

The controls aren't very good. I suggest you make it to where you can customize the controls.
Posted by Sean Kelly 29th May, 2005

WAIT! I wasnt wrong..there are four characetrs! 4*4=16! So I was right in the first place. Now Kjarom, like I said before use some global values and you wouldhave only had to mkae four levels rather then 16....
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 30th May, 2005

give him a break, guys... we all started somewhere... anyways, there IS a health mode in SSB:M... I don't know if anybody pointed that out yet... there are a lot of different ways of optimizing this, though.. in mmf at least. either way, you shouldn't have to make 16 levels. only four, like sean kelly said. it's just a matter of global values, which aren't very hard at all to figure out.
Posted by kjarom 30th May, 2005

what's an example of some global values that would enable me to only make 4 levels??? I have no idea.
Posted by Sean Kelly 31st May, 2005

Hmmm...maybea someone could make u a tutorial...First off, do you know what Global values are????
Posted by kjarom 1st June, 2005

YES, I obviously had to use SOME global values since there is a level in between the character selection screen and the actual levels.
Posted by kjarom 1st June, 2005

But I don't get how to make more than two characters work ACCURATELY in different levels. An event would have to be like: Group:Good collides with Group:Bad=Group:Good STOP
Posted by Vanloon 2nd June, 2005

I might be wrong here but I think all they are saying is if you put all your events from the different matchups on a certain level, on the same frame. And then if you put an event like this :- Start of frame, if global value A = 1 (which you set when they chose a certain charater eg.- 1 for one character, 2 for another etc.) Then, create "whichever charater they chose" on one side of the arena. Then do the whole thing again for the second character. It doesn't save you on how many events, just on how many levels. If you really want to save on events you would have to be very clever using qualities, like you did in your last post. Where all the characters use the same events, but this would make it hard to do their individual attacks.
Posted by kjarom 2nd June, 2005

Yea that makes sense. Thanks, man!
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 10th June, 2005

This is a very unique game. I like the way you designed it. Being able to play as Megaman in a "Super Smash Bros." game is a very nice change of pace. He probably has the best stage, definitely one of them (if not Link's). Keep it up.
Posted by Nuklear41 13th June, 2005

Do not worry. I made punchit in one month and everyone loved it!
Posted by Jimmy Jimbob 18th June, 2005

Wha...? This is just too weird. Super Smash Bros. just CAN'T have a DECREASING health percentage- it just ain't right, dammit! And what the hell is Megaman doing in there?
Posted by Borvoc 24th October, 2005

How do I download it? I click on download and it bring up a wierd website and no where to download!
Posted by Mecha the Slag 7th June, 2006

Because the link is dead >
Posted by Fish20 29th January, 2008

What? The sitesled is dumb.





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