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Author: ben mercer Submitted: 1st May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 98

I'm going to be honest with you. This game really sucks, but some people like games that I don't, so I posted it anyway.

This is a simple game in which you move around with the arrow keys and blast evil aliens to hell with Spacebar. See how high your score goes...

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Posted by wario 2nd May, 2005

This game rocks! I love shoot'em ups
Posted by ben mercer 2nd May, 2005

Cool... Maybe i'll develop it some more if it gets more good reviews.
Posted by Death Reaper X0 2nd May, 2005

Addictive :D
Posted by Slok Games 12th May, 2005

Nice one...i like the 3d effect!
Posted by Joey vvvv 20th March, 2006

Makes me think of Star Fox/Panzer Dragoon
Posted by Attan 29th May, 2007

Nice! I'm veery impressed of your programming skills, After i've seen this one, Orphanage and Landlubber!
Posted by Trooper_959 14th November, 2007
Rated :

Very impressing. i love 3D effects.THE ship you are in actually looks like a 3d model not 2D.HOW DID YOU MAKE IT! IS the ship actually 3D or is it just 2D graphics?
Comment edited by Trooper_959 on 1/15/2008





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