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Night of that heart eatin' Rastas
Author: ben mercer Submitted: 3rd May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 301

Edited By Muz on 5/3/2005

Night of that heart eatin' Rastas

This is a game I made as a joke with my friend. The point of the game is an evil monster has put a spell on jamaica turning everyone into heart eatin' zombies (hence the name). You must confront this evil being, but before you can you must gain special magical powers by smoking 100 magic spliffs (so high you're flying- literally). Then you can battle the final boss. If you die on a level then you have to go back to the previous level.

Are explained in "help" from the main menu.

-Watch out for the heart eatin' rastas and also red hot lava pools, and get all the spliffs quickly, because the rastas are constantly spawning, and since they can fly and go through walls, they will follow you very easily despite being pretty slow.
-If you find yourself in a nasty situation you can often use your big nose to hook onto edges then pull yourself up to safety.
-Some platforms break when you step on them, and some are almost invisible.

I think this game is VERY hard to beat, despite being quite short (5 levels), and if anyone beats it send the post the end screen to prove it and I will be impressed!

Administration warning: Game contains violence and politically incorrect content. Parental discretion is advised.

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Posted by The Chris Street 3rd May, 2005

I can just see this winning GOTW by default based on the theme alone - and if it does, I won't be particularly impressed.
Posted by Radix 4th May, 2005

Circy, you've singlehandedly done more to devalue the GOTW than a month of such games could ever acheive.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th May, 2005

I can't help it if crap games win GOTW - I'm not the ones voting for them.
Posted by Joshua M. 4th May, 2005

Sounds hard! I'm gonna play it and ruin my humour for today! :D
Posted by Joshua M. 4th May, 2005

OMG! OMG!!!!@ YOU FRICKIN POOHEAD! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO MEE :'( It's impossible!!!!! I finally defeated the one eyed poohead, and now, this stupid espaņol guy with it's stupid pooheadish bull comes out of nowhere! I get hit, and I go to level 4 again! AAARGH!!! I hate this! I hate it!!! AAAAAHHH!!! Now if you don't mind I'm going to play it again! :( GRRRR... I WILL finish it! I WILL!!! AAAAHHH :o
Posted by Windybeard Games 4th May, 2005

The boss, he is unstoppable, no one, not even brainzilla could figure out a way of killing him!!!
Posted by ben mercer 6th May, 2005

it is possible: I can defeat the final boss about 1 in 5 times. The matador is very difficult, but he is defeatable! I'll just say this: Use his own weapon against him!! I hope i didn't give too much away.
Posted by ben mercer 6th May, 2005

Oh and the "invisible platforms" arent quite invisible, they can be seen... just.
Posted by ben mercer 6th May, 2005

RE: Phizzy Read the help screen and it explains how to shoot green lasers at him.
Posted by ben mercer 6th May, 2005

Please can someone give me game a thumbs up/thumbs down
Posted by X_Sheep 7th May, 2005

Like that?
Posted by ben mercer 10th May, 2005

Awww shucks... my game got thumbs down.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th May, 2005

They excepted this, but I was told Blackman was bad?! Oh well, sounds cool! Downloading...
Posted by ben mercer 10th May, 2005

Hey has anyone beat my game yet? Maybe i did make it too hard... I'll give you a hint about the final (espanol) boss: You cannot hurt him, he is too strong. He can only immobilise you. The bull is the only thing that can hurt you, apart from the rastas. It is also the only thing that can hurt him. No-one has beaten this game!! I reckon if someone does, they should get a gamer of the year award or summat
Posted by Eutteck 11th May, 2005

this game is GOOD:D it's just as hard as i want it (sory for my poor english)
Posted by ben mercer 11th May, 2005

no way phizzy! This game cannot be beaten on luck! It is experience, tactical thinking and skill that will win this game.
Posted by Agent Fish (mike) 11th May, 2005

i have completed the game, gutted ben
Posted by ben mercer 11th May, 2005

I can't believe no-one has beat the boss! my sister did it and she's pretty crap at games!
Posted by ben mercer 12th May, 2005

Really? Post a screenshot of the end screen!
Posted by ben mercer 20th May, 2005

Ok i give up all you need to do for the final boss 1st form is go to the side, and keep shooting the little yellow balls and the rastas. when he shoots the laser shoot at him and move up or down or you will be deep fried. Repeat till he dies. When the final boss 2nd form appears, run away from the bull, avoiding/shooting the rastas and yellow balls that the boss makes. You need to try and make the bull run into the matador. Shooting the bull will make it turn around, so a good cheat is to shoot the bull when it is colliding with the matador so it gets multiple hits. Repeat till he dies.
Posted by PinkLlama 26th May, 2005

I happen to be Ben's 14 year old sister. 1. I am not 'pretty crap' at games, BEN. 2. Yes I did complete N.O.T.H.E.R in about 20 minutes. 3. You guys are quitters. Your meant to be like major game freaks and you can't even do a game that someone who is supposedly 'pretty crap at games' AND only FOURTEEN can do in a matter of minutes. I thank you
Posted by ben mercer 26th May, 2005

Don't mind her she's deluded and she thinks that she is a blind squirrel who is from usbekistaan.
Posted by PinkLlama 13th July, 2005

I DO NOT think I am a blind squirrel, and I AM NOT deluded. In case you haven't noticed I was TRYING to pay you a compliment. Last time I try THAT, so called Brother of mine. Anyway, whats wrong with deluded blind squirrels from Uzbekistan??? they're much more intelligent that this bunch of deplorable quitters.
Posted by viva/volt 18th June, 2008

Wow... this comment section is both hilarious and bizarre





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