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Lost Alien (32 direction physics engine)
Author: ben mercer Submitted: 12th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 475

I submitted an article earlier explaining how to utilise MMF's preset "bouncing ball movement" to create a reallistic and damn fast physics engine.

What I've done here is created that engine for you, and molded a little game around it to show you how it might be used. The game demonstrates a few other concepts such as particle effects and backdrop paralaxing.

The idea of the game is to get the spaceship to the landing pad at the top left corner of the playfield without blowing up. It's basically just one of those lunar lander type gravity games. Oh and I composed some corny music especially for this game, just for the novelty i guess.


For the people who log onto this site just to say "tht gme sux!!" to everything, bear in mind this is not actually a game, when i make examples i just like to indulge a little, thankyou.

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Posted by dwayne dude 14th July, 2005

This is good as well thought i love it
Posted by ben mercer 15th July, 2005

Yeah i found that one level very addictive. Im in the process of converting this into a mega space game.
Posted by Nuutti 15th July, 2005

This is really Cool! I like it a lot!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 16th July, 2005

Hey, when I try to run it The screen goes black and a little window starts bouncing with a message: Sync. Out of Range. ... What do I do?
Posted by ben mercer 16th July, 2005

Cheack you have a fully up to date version of MMF (build 119) If that doesnt work try setting it up so that it doesnt change resolution.
Posted by mmPHreak 17th July, 2005

really nice i like it
Posted by hop 17th July, 2005

I like the music.
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 15th August, 2008

you are aware all these of your downloads from that host are gone, PLZ UPDATE THEM< I WANNA TRY
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 30th August, 2009

Yes, I wanted to see this too...It seems Ben Mercer has dropped off the map a wee bit...





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