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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back- Cloud city ass
Author: ben mercer Submitted: 1st May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 174


Heres another of my old GF games.

This is a full completed mini-game which follows the final half hour or so of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. You, as Luke Skywalker must battle your way through legions of Imperial Stormtroopers and other obstacles to confront Darth Vader. This game was inspired by the Jedi Knight series.

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Posted by Ski 1st May, 2005

Posted by defenestrator 1st May, 2005

Cloud City ass is some of the best ass you can find.
Posted by ben mercer 2nd May, 2005

hehe It's meant to be cloud city assault, but i think i exeeded the length of the name field. Did everyone like the incredible voice acting? (I was about 12)
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2005

"cloud city ass" for a moment i thought this was a parody XD
Posted by ben mercer 6th May, 2005

This game is not impossible. If anything it is one of the EASIEST games i have EVER made! You try playing night of the heart eatin' rastas or mike 5, when i release it! I won't deny that the graphics are naff, but I find it fun to play.
Posted by Agent Fish (mike) 12th May, 2005

i have completed it, u r all not trying
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 10th June, 2005

Wow, a game with a daring name that actually lives up to it, lmao.





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