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Mario's Adventure
Author: Noyb Submitted: 2nd August, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 245

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Mario's Adventure is an old parody of the Mario series I made during my isolated n00b years. While it's unfinished, and will remain so, there are 13 levels, including platform, boss, and panic type levels. Also, animated cutscenes bookend each level and advance the plot. Bear in mind, this is from when I was a n00b, so expect default platform engine movement (with some alterations), gradients galore, a mix of graphics ripped from Mario games with stuff made in Paint and Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker. There is a working save system, accessible from the file menu, as well as passwords (don't go to previous levels in the middle of a game, or else it will think you are cheating.)

Arrow Keys: Move and climb ladders
Shift: Jump
Control: Shoot (fireballs, cannons, poopballs)
Space: Interact/ Pick Up

Story: After a mishap at the Fungi Kingdom Bank and Breakfast, Schnauser (Bowser's pet dog) loses all of Mario's carefully stolen stars. Going away on vacation, Bowser leaves Schnauser his castle and reject army, which Schnauser vows to use to destroy Mario, remembering his vitriolic response to the accident. Mario must run, jump, and swim all across the Fungi Kingdom to regain his 100 (I only made 52) missing stars. Giant fish, poopa troopas, poombas, pits of poorly drawn lava, lasers, hallucinogenic power mushrooms, moving platforms, and more stand in the way of his goal. Can this fat idiot survive this difficult quest?

10/9/2004: Bug fixes- moved position of final star to prevent crashing on first level (possibly), leaving sides on bathroom levels, lengthened window of opportunity during second boss fight, cheating on castle level no longer goes to Glub Glub victory scene, speed on falling level no longer goes below 10.

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Posted by Cazra 3rd August, 2004

This looks funny. Dling... :)
Posted by Muggus 3rd August, 2004

Hahaha what is that thing Mario is fighting in the 5th screenshot. :o
Posted by Blargh 4th August, 2004

Haha, that was a spicy meatball... classic... That thing in ss5 is good looking, but obviously not yours... oh well. Still funny ;)
Posted by Joshua M. 4th August, 2004

omg you used your voice! wahaha ok so do I in my games but I mask them better ;););)
Posted by Cazra 4th August, 2004

lol! This game is great! Too bad it ends after beating the poombas.
Posted by Noyb 4th August, 2004

Thanks! Yeah, I ripped Schnauser's sprite from the dog actor in Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker. And it's been a very long time since I could do a high-pitched Mario impression. Duh duh duh duh do duh DUH! Heeere weee goooo!
Posted by Zimtower 4th August, 2004

Here's a suggestion, use sitesled. they have unlimited bandwith.
Posted by Noyb 4th August, 2004

Grrr... After paying that much a month for DSL, you'd think they'd give more than about 30 megs of bandwidth a day! As for other hosts, I'm kinda paranoid about giving away too much personal info online, hence my name: Noyb = None Of Your Business.
Posted by ChrisB 4th August, 2004

Posted by Cazra 4th August, 2004

Say, if the game's abandonware, why not post the source of the game? Someone might have too much time on their hands and finish the game. ;)
Posted by Joshua M. 5th August, 2004

By the way how did you make those elevators/moving platforms? It never works with me
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th August, 2004

Just set the events so that when the charater collides (or overlaps) the platform, the character's postion is set so that it's over the platform. When he jumps, make it so that the counter (if you use counters for jumping) set's to -25. I suck at writing advice, so I never post any example files. :P
Posted by Noyb 5th August, 2004

Snerlin, I'd have to think about it. Mario's Adventure is probably the game that I spent the most time and effort on. You do have a decent sense of humor though ("I'm going to make you into a riding pig!"). As for lastability, you forgot to mention that when you "beat" the game, you get instructions on how to unlock a hidden cutscene and the Schnauser lightsaber duel from screenshot five (with a unique intro and outro). And you can play again, trying to get more stars.
Posted by Willy C 5th August, 2004

Noooo! 'accsesss Denied. Bandwidth limit exceeded.'
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th August, 2004

Yet again Snerlin beat me to the review! XD
Posted by Noyb 5th August, 2004

Just wait 'till tomorrow. Bellsouth only gives 33 megs of bandwidth a day. @.@
Posted by Sean Kelly 6th August, 2004

This is a great and Hillarious game! The weird thing is I was just going to make a Mario Platformer Parody game.The even WEIRER this is I was gonna name it Mario Adventure. Strange, Oh well mine wouldnt have been this good anyway ^-^
Posted by Joshua M. 6th August, 2004

To Lazarus: I use the built in platform movement so I dont use counters :P. But the way Noyb did it was like so that you can move over the platform smoothly as if it were a backdrop, even if the platform moves horizontaly. If you try and put 'set x.pos mario to x.pos platform' in the event editor you cant move XD. Aah I want the source of this! XDXDXD
Posted by Noyb 6th August, 2004

I used an old tutorial (downloaded from the now-deufunct Click Café) by Jonas Lindskog for the moving platform code: Basically, you use an alterable value to keep track of direction. Add or subtract a set amount from the platform's X or Y direction depending on direction, doing the same to Mario only when he's overlapping the platform.
Posted by haloboycs 7th August, 2004

ugh, how many health does big fish has, takes forever .. 5 min? i quit
Posted by Joshua M. 7th August, 2004

To Noyb: Thanks man that did it! Yay! To haloboycs: What?!
Posted by Noyb 7th August, 2004

@Haloboycs: You only have to hit him five times. Kids these days with their short attention spans. *sigh*
Posted by Joshua M. 10th August, 2004

Oh man, defeating Schnauser with a lightsaber is even harder than without XD
Posted by Smeggy 15th August, 2004

10/10, very professional Snerlin... Why not go and give Eternal Daughter a 2/10, it would make just as much sense! :P
Posted by 醤油の兵士 18th August, 2004

yes, release the source! and someone give me the password to level 2, level 1 crashes after I get to the star the fifth time.
Posted by Noyb 19th August, 2004

At the end of almost all the levels, a celebratory .wav file is played. Try updating your sound card, or turning off samples.
Posted by Joshua M. 4th September, 2004

Wakka wakka I still like it!
Posted by Joshua M. 26th September, 2004

Some graphics looked 3D, or am I wrong?
Posted by Noyb 26th September, 2004

The 3d backgrounds I made in the program Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, which came out around 1995. Schnauser was ripped from the dog actor in that app.
Posted by DaVince 8th October, 2004

Hey, it crashes after the first level!!
Posted by Noyb 10th October, 2004

Okay, I think the problem might occur when you fall onto the star from the logo platform under Windows XP. At least those are the two variables which caused the first level to crash for me a couple times. To all that have this problem: try falling to a platform, and then walking to the star's last location. I also uploaded a new file with some bugfixes and changed the star's last location to one where you can't easily fall onto it.
Posted by Noyb 13th October, 2004

Okay, I was able to test the game on a friend's computer that crashed on the first level, and I can say for sure that temporarily disabling sound (Ctrl + S) works as a shoddy workaround for the crashing upon getting the star the fifth time.
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd November, 2004

@Noyb: No, you can't fall down on the star. That's fixed. But it would be a little more fair to make Mario stop when he caught the star, or he might fall down the cliff when you finish the level XD
Posted by Hermes 5th May, 2008
Rated :

I gotta level with you man.
These kinds of games make some people turn over in their graves...
But I'm one of those who wishes you would finish it out to the end! I can honestly say that despite how noobish and amaturish it is, I really wanna see how it would all turn out instead of the plot being described at the end!
Don't get me wrong, though. I can understand if you "ABSOLUTELY REFUSE" to continue with this game. Ultimately, the option is yours.
I still think this game rocks.





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