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Jetpack Fusion
Author: Noyb Submitted: 31st May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 86

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You play as an average stick figure with the ability to fly by flapping his arms. However, this requires fuel, which can only be regained by shooting targets. You need to get fuel in order to keep aloft without falling into a pit of spikes. The higher your score, the more weapons you get and the harder the game becomes.

1. Laser ball- slow, long-range, can only shoot one at a time, can't shoot through platforms, gives 5 points for destroying a target.
2. Shotgun- instant, short-range, can shoot through platforms, gives 6 points for destroying a target, takes up a little bit of fuel per shot, recoil.
3. Glaive (Huntress' weapons in Warcraft III- think giant whirling blade o' death)- fast, long-range, goes through everything, can kill you (it's quite sharp), gives 3 points for destroying a target, slowly saps your fuel.

Jetpack Fusion has all original graphics (crappy MS Paint, but at least they're not ripped/stolen) and a custom platform/flying engine. Have fun!

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Posted by Noyb 1st June, 2004

The point of the game is to stay aloft in midair as long as you can. The platforms are only there in the beginning to help you get used to the controls without immediately dropping you into the true game. Changing the graphics merely to say there's another level wouldn't actually add anything to the game.
Posted by Noyb 1st June, 2004

Unresponsive? It works fine on three of my computers, plus all of my friends'. The stick figure goes up if you hold space and falls once you let go; there's intentionally no inertia. Maybe you need more practice...
Posted by Noyb 1st June, 2004

I guess I set myself up for that one! Anybody else care to comment, positive or negative?
Posted by MisterBull 2nd June, 2004

hey.. give the man a break, Phizzy.. stop being such a jerk... this is his first game on the DC
Posted by vortex2 2nd June, 2004

it's an intresting concept, however the flying key (space) is a bit laggy to respond so if you get to close to the spikes and push space you fall into the spikes and die when really you should lift off again...
Posted by Noyb 2nd June, 2004

Okay, thanks for the more detailed complaint, vortex. I found the problem in my code. I forgot to reset the counter dictating Y movement once you hold space to trigger flying, so the farther you fell, the more you had to wait to start flying upward again. I guess I just got used to it. Uploading a (hopefully) fixed file now.
Posted by Vanloon 6th June, 2004

Nice, I found that a genuinely fun game to play. One idea - having "a" and "d" as left and right and space as fly just doesn't make sense. The game would flow a lot better if "w" was fly so you can just push the direction you wish to travel. Also try making some levels to add variety maybe moving platforms and enemies - Just a thought ;)
Posted by Noyb 7th June, 2004

Well, you could always change the controls each time the game starts up with Ctrl + Y. Thanks for your comments and votes everybody! :)





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