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Independence 1.1
Author: Noyb Submitted: 14th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 95

Edited By Noyb on 7/12/2006

Edited By Noyb on 9/20/2004

Edited By Noyb on 7/20/2004

Edited By Noyb on 7/4/2004

Hastily made "puzzle" reaction game using the brand-new Particle object, and Merseņe Twister random number object! Basically, there are four types of rockets, blue (down), green (up), orange (left), and red (right). Press the corresponding directional button to detonate a colored rocket to unleash fireworks. Detonate the same color multiple times in a row to create bigger fireworks for more points. You lose a life if you press a button whose color rocket is not on screen, or if you let a rocket fall back to Earth. Have fun!

Updated 7/4/04: Added title screen, starry background, a patriotic MIDI, increasing difficulty, help screen, and a random (hidden on the title screen) Edwin Hubble reference. Plus, now you automatically detonate the lowest rocket of that color when you press the arrow key.

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Posted by Noyb 15th June, 2004

Oh, yeah. This is strongly based upon the old lady's minigame in Jak II, which may have been based on the PS2 fireworks-related launch game Fantavision.
Posted by Ravnos87 15th June, 2004

It's okay, just reminds me too much of the Zapspot game with the same concept.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th June, 2004

You should put more effort into making games :|
Posted by ChrisB 15th June, 2004

Congratulations, a winnar of 5 DC points is you
Posted by Jamesbuc 15th June, 2004

yeah ive played all of them.. Jak2s Onins tent mini game Fantavison bishi bashi 'Firework party' They all have it where you have to hit the buttons at the time when the firework is on screen Zapspot 'nightsparks' That was memory game instead.
Posted by Ravnos87 16th June, 2004

Posted by Noyb 19th June, 2004

GotW nominated! Not like I have any chance in hell of winning or anything.
Posted by Cazra 4th July, 2004

lol. How'd this get nominated for GOTW? XD
Posted by Noyb 5th July, 2004

No freakin' clue.





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