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Rocket Skater Demo
Author: Noyb Submitted: 22nd June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 104

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Rocket Skater is a platform game...with a twist: your character has rocket-powered roller skates permanently attached to her feet! Thus, you have no direct control over direction and the only button you need to press to play the game is the Space Bar. Press space to jump, walljump, and let go of horizontal and vertical poles. You automatically turn around if you hit a wall.

Speed: Your speed determines how many pixels per turn you move. Relax, all movement and collision detection is done in a custom Fastloop engine. Currently, it goes from 10 to 40, with walljumping, vertical pole-swinging, and walking all increasing it. Speed currently cannot decrease. I'm thinking of just abandoning variable speed and starting each level at full speed.

Moving platforms: Not as fast or unglitchy as I want.

Hope you enjoy getting from Point A to Point B in this one-level demo!

Edit: Made jumping smoother, which also seemed to fix some horizontal pole swinging bugs when letting go at the axes. You can see the original jumping if you beat the demo. Please comment as to which you prefer.

Update 7/8/05 (Damn, it's been awhile.): Added Alpha Channel for 360 degree smooth pole-swinging. Incorporated alterable jump height based on how long space is held. Fixed a couple of camera bugs. Added support for moving poles.

To do: Integrate platform moving into player movement loops in order to have faster platforms without worrying about collision errors.

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Posted by Supernoos 23rd June, 2004

Funny game :)
Posted by Zimtower 23rd June, 2004

i do too
Posted by Bricnic 23rd June, 2004

Ideas for slowing down: *Uphill *Make bumpy bits (friction to slow u down) *Add brakes (these can give off smoke too for effect) *Maybe make the player go through a puddle, the water could temporarily extinguish the rocket?
Posted by Bricnic 23rd June, 2004

Also, the movement seems a bit blocky- are you adding 40 pixels all at once? If you are, gradual movement looks a bit smoother. The gravity also looks wooden... kinda like, same speed all the way up, then instantly start going down at a constant speed..! Other than that, cool.
Posted by Noyb 23rd June, 2004

Novasoft/zimtower: Damn. I thought this was an original idea. After a moderately successful (among my friends) n00bish Downhill Santa parody starring Edwin Hubble (Jetpack Fusion "cheat": shoot JOCK on the title screen) years ago that used only two buttons to play, I challenged myself to think up an idea for a game that used only one button, but still be fun and have depth. I didn't have the skill to make it at the time, but was recently reinspired by the new Prince of Persia to make an acrobatic-themed platform game. I don't really want to know/play whatever game you're thinking about, lest it lead to unoriginal level design. Plus, I didn't put all my ideas in this one level (think swinging on horizontal poles to move otherwise stationary platforms along a track, moving platforms with guard rails to keep the player inside, avoiding getting crushed by moving platforms Sonic-style, Crash-style chases, escaping a room filling up with gasoline, etc.) Nicholas: Thanks for the ideas. The first two will probably work well, plus sticky floors and brake tiles (I want to keep the one-button gameplay, and the plot will revolve around the heroine's inability to turn off the rocket). At full speed, the player goes 15 pixels per MMF loop (every .02 seconds). The way the loop works, it moves the player and all detectors, positions and centers the camera, then checks for collisions. I just uploaded a newer version with a smoother jump, with the original version included in case more people prefer it.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th June, 2004

Pretty good, but sometimes on the poles I freeze, (I don't know if this was mentioned above). Also, it bugs me when I can't fit into some spaces, so I have to do the same thing over and over. :P But overall, nice game. :) I'll be intrested in seeing the full game...:)
Posted by Noyb 24th June, 2004

Thanks all! :D The character sprite will most likely stay the same (bad memories of moving 128 frames worth of action points by hand for scrolling during horizontal [coming out of the screen] pole-swinging), but I'll try to make the background and platforms less... monochrome. Lazarus: Hmmm... haven't had that happen to me. When does the freezing occur? Going up, down, when jumping off, automatically letting go at top or bottom, going up/down into an obstacle?
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

You can't really jump during intercourse.
Posted by Noyb 28th June, 2004

Posted by Noyb 8th October, 2004 - First two scenes of the intro to Rocket Skater.
Posted by Kazuma 16th May, 2007

Thumbs down to break the tie! Yay!





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