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Author: aaron_brammer Submitted: 19th May, 2004 Favourites:0
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Edited By aaron_brammer on 5/20/2004

Sorry for lack of screenshots, but you probably know my standard, that being comic style and a pure hatred for lib graphics.

An update of the old Master system/nes/commodore64/atari2600 classic.

Heh, women, you know women eh. Get one who had this as a young'un, is extremely attractive, then all of a sudden you're slaving away one weekend at her demand to update her childhood fave. I can't say I never had a blast with this game either.

Drive around NY, drive to buildings, then bust some ghosts, repeat process till you earn $15000 and the PKE levels are over 5000. Press S to speed up PKE cause I know it can be tedious and painful. Some might remember Stay puft Descending and destroying buildings, well, I didn't include that, in fact I made this game far more true to the movie. You must keep more than two GB's alive at a time otherwise no crossing of the beams and so forth.
Also, I had some issues while I had my friends playing it, they would keep their beam on after catching the ghost and they would stay in the battle screen. Not being able to fix this bug, I made it a feature, no getting back in your Ecto-1 and finishing the mission till you turn the beam off!

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Posted by Muz 20th May, 2004

For some reason, I can't even get into , much less download your game...
Posted by Cybermaze 20th May, 2004

If you could fix the download so it works, Ill be glad to download and try it out.
Posted by aaron_brammer 20th May, 2004

Woo! Go geocities!!!!!! Exceeded bandwidth limit! Yabba Dabba Doo!!!
Posted by aaron_brammer 20th May, 2004

If anyone else wants to host and link, that would be bloody grand.
Posted by Simon Colmer 20th May, 2004

i would host it on mine but i cant download the original, send it to me ova msn or somthing ( and i will host it on
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 20th May, 2004

I used to love this game on the C64, I wish I could download this version. Get it sent to Simon to host, or me, I wants to play it.
Posted by Jigen 20th May, 2004

Damn i wanna play this game too.. I have never played the orginal GB, but i would like to try this one out.
Posted by Hagar 20th May, 2004

Ha i have the cart for my Master System :-P. I really want to play this...
Posted by aaron_brammer 20th May, 2004

Oh man, five thumbs down already, I think I'm just gonna stick to platform games or overhead shooters, Freddy vs. Jason and Texas were my best, Adventures of Aaron was a nightmare cause of it's surreal hyper avante guardness. I got one sunset riders-esque game called Legend of Fish Stick Mombago in the works and one overhead zombie shooter, cause I loves the zombies.
Posted by Pyro 21st May, 2004

it's not really that bad, the graphics are okay, gameplays tolerable.
Posted by Djfuego 21st May, 2004

Damn it ! damn damn damn damn!!! Look if you are going to make a link to the game at least get it right. You KNOW geocities doesn't allow hotlinking and if you don't you should at least make a webpage that links to the file from geocities.. I can't play this game now and it's really irritating :(
Posted by Jigen 21st May, 2004

Damn i loaded it, and the file was corrupted.. And now when i try to re-load it, it says that you have exeedeed your bandwith..
Posted by Antonio Barra 21st May, 2004

Eh, I'd prefer to play the original game. Graphics are good, though.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 21st May, 2004

Sorry dude, it's nowhere near as good as the original. It's got better graphics, but the gameplay pretty much sucks in every way compared to the original.
Posted by Jigen 22nd May, 2004

I managed to download the file, but it still complains that the file is corrupted. Could you fix it up so i could try this game too?
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd May, 2004

it works for me, once my hosting is working coz it seems to of crashed (!) then i will upload it. Its a good game, but kinda buggy in the game play. I couldnt seem to kill the ghost with my gun it just seems to just make the ghost wiggle! But good attempt. I have never played the original but it has kept the old arcade feel to it!
Posted by Sergio Alves 22nd May, 2004

PLZ PPL that can't download any geocities games or images or anithing else!!! COPY PAST THE LINK... if STILL DONT WORK JUST ADD A SPACE " " (ASCII = 32 :D ) IN THE END OF URL!!!!
Posted by contra 22nd May, 2004

good game! i loved the original and this is a good adaptation. However, the gameplay is abit of a hassle especially the controls setup wich is quite unlogical. Why do you have to use so many diffrent buttons for simple things? For exemple; to use the trap to capture ghosts would be much better to have at the right mouse button, since you fire and aim with the left. Same goes with the map screen, it would be easier to use to mouse there too, so the controls stays the same thruout the game. to add even more confusion you even added more buttons to scroll text in the help screen. And Space was used to start it. It's not very user friendly. Fix up that and we have a winner! (oh and it would be nice to see the original shop with all it's buyable items too but)
Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd May, 2004

ok, i have uploaded it on my site! The Url is: And if ny one else needs stuff hosting just ask :P
Posted by mlkas 27th May, 2004

what tha hell you are talking about this game is like a shit





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