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Walking Dead Screensaver
Author: aaron_brammer Submitted: 14th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 274

Sorry for lack of screenshots, but this description can be a pretty darn good substitute.

Well, due to some random zombie virus, the dead have been rising from their morgue slabs and consuming the flesh of the living, watch as one zombie enters an area, and a whole army of zombies leave, but sometimes the people get angry and fight back.

3 different scenes, a bunch of little people, and some angry dead, this is a screensaver in which all hell will break loose, well, the residents of hell.

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Posted by Lew 14th January, 2004's...kinda...crap. Nothing really happens, they just wander about a bit. Looks like an example I submitted to the CT forums about spider 'AI'.
Posted by aaron_brammer 14th January, 2004

Yeah, it is crap, little guys wander around, touch zombies and turn blue an slow, but still addictive once you realize last survivors go into omega mode and kick ass.
Posted by aaron_brammer 14th January, 2004

Don't forget the zombies breaking down forts, houses and such.
Posted by aaron_brammer 15th January, 2004

Hey, I made it one afternoon for my own amusement, whatdya expect.
Posted by Pete Nattress 15th January, 2004

if you think it's poor YOURSELF what do you think other people are going to think of it? why are you wasting everyone's time submitting things you know to be of poor quality?
Posted by aaron_brammer 17th January, 2004

I'm amused by it, so I thought there might be someone out there who'd also find it interesting, I just found it hypnotic, but I didn't think it would receive this much bad press.
Posted by Paul 17th January, 2004

It definitly could've been very cool, but as it is now, it's awfully dull because the zombies just stand around in groups and the only way anyone dies is if they accidentally run into a zombie.
Posted by Yikes 17th January, 2004

Ok... This is pretty bad. It has bad graphics, bad animation, very boring music and the whole thing is just... boring. If I made this, I would just try to make something better or just don't make anything at all.
Posted by aaron_brammer 18th January, 2004

I gave my little men a thing where when they're in the direction of a zombie, they run or fight, but they rarely ever even see them, probably cause they have to be in the exact direction of one pixel, there any easy way to broaden their view? I also did the same for zombies so when they see a person, they're supposed to lock on and chase till they're dead. There really aren't any living dead screensavers out there, so I might keep making this better till it's actually good, or I'll drop it and wait for someone else to do a good zombie screensaver, bah, I'm lazy, let someone else do it.
Posted by Emiac 23rd June, 2005

Jeez, some of these comments are pretty harsh.
Posted by SpoonOfGlory 27th August, 2007

eh ... its alright





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