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Freddy vs. Jason FULL
Author: aaron_brammer Submitted: 6th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 161

yay! im finally finished, even though i started four days ago, oh well here goes.
This is my game, it has 9 levels, the bugs were so ANNOYING to fix. It is moderatley fun. I based it on the brannon script of FvsJ, cause I believe it had the best story. Those are DOOM midis in case your game illiterate, I did not make them.

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Posted by Pyro 7th July, 2003

Hmmm It doesn't seem to work for me.
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th July, 2003

what happens exactly?
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th July, 2003

ohh! i see!!!!!! get it from , oh man am i stupid.
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th July, 2003

remember, save target as, clicking on it does jack.
Posted by Smeggy 7th July, 2003

This rulz dude!! - can't wait for the movie, it will rock!
Posted by Smeggy 7th July, 2003

2nd level is so hard!?
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th July, 2003

the freddy skeleton? hes a pansy, just stay to the left and keep shooting
Posted by Smeggy 7th July, 2003

no, where u are a boy, and have to dodge the dogs and bats while being chased by freddy, one hit and ur dead!
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th July, 2003

keep running from freddy, jump over the bats and dogs, DO NOT STOP EVER.
Posted by Smeggy 7th July, 2003

hmmmm, ok..
Posted by Stian B. 7th July, 2003

Four days to make a Freddy vs Jason game??? Your little piece of dirt worm,i wish freddy visits you in your dreams.And if you lucky to wake up,join Jason on a camp.
Posted by Dogzer 7th July, 2003

4 days? hmm.. I think you should work on a game for 1 year before realeasing the 1st demo
Posted by Dogzer 7th July, 2003

lol just kidding.. but still. Your 1st game should have at least 1 or 2 month of developing time, and thats to make the engine of whatever you are making, you must add lots of physics and friction force and stuff.. and dont stop until you've been working on your game for 2 or 3 years man..
Posted by nev` 7th July, 2003

Dogzer has done it again. 100 deposits into teh roffel bank of north america. Pretty cool game, nice action, may want to work a bit more on quality assurance.
Posted by aaron_brammer 8th July, 2003

I would, but this was just a side project to evil dead and die hard, i didnt really mean to finish it, I just got into it. As i said, it was a spur of the moment thing. ED and DH are the ones im taking months to even make the first demo.
Posted by 36 Crazyfarts 8th July, 2003

hehe, i like this ;)
Posted by aaron_brammer 11th July, 2003

can someone finish this game and see if the ending works, cause im getting some troubles on my comp once it finishes after ive played the whole thing
Posted by aaron_brammer 16th September, 2003

strangely enough? i am insulted, so insulted im gonna go and eat some icecream, watch some dvds and wonder why i posted this comment...
Posted by Jason Orme 25th September, 2003

ok this game is fun, i got to the shopping mall level on my first try. very addictive fun. A few bugs though 1) no life bar on mall level 2) you should destroy the enemyies bullets if too far from playfeild
Posted by aaron_brammer 7th October, 2003

the bullets dissapear after 2 seconds from being fired
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 8th November, 2003

...... I'm lost for words.... What's the story behind this anyway?
Posted by SAM JOHANSAN 5th March, 2004

is jason on the game





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