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Freddy vs. Jason DEMO
Author: aaron_brammer Submitted: 4th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 89

my first platform game ever, i ripped most the sprites from the old nes friday the 13th and nightmare on elm st. Ive based this game on a script of freddy vs jason i read. This is scary because this is the first game of mine i enjoy playing, maybe its just me. It only has the first two levels but its still fun.

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Posted by Luke Morgan 5th July, 2003

Hmmm. You might want to sort out the 'knife-throwing' direction. At present, you've got it set to 'throw in the direction of Jason', which means that you have to keep pushing left or right to throw properly, otherwise Jason will keep throwing downwards. So you're going to have to code it so that: If Jason is facing left + action key is pressed = shoot knife at left direction. Do the same but change 'left' to 'right' for the right condition. Get it? That's if you want it to work properly, that is. ;)
Posted by aaron_brammer 5th July, 2003

thanks, all done
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th July, 2003

Wow, Nice game!
Posted by Smeggy 5th July, 2003

Really good stuff, hey I could help you with it if you wanted..
Posted by aaron_brammer 5th July, 2003

thanks for the offer, but im just about finished, 2-3 more levels to go.
Posted by Smeggy 5th July, 2003

ah, k..
Posted by Smeggy 5th July, 2003

Can't wait to see the movie!
Posted by Smeggy 5th July, 2003

Dude, let me help with the presentation! - cause the current presentation sucks (the game is excellent)and I have mmf1.5, so I could spice it up a bit, make it fullscreen, give it direct X features etc.. what do ya think?
Posted by aaron_brammer 6th July, 2003

whts wrong with the presentation?
Posted by aaron_brammer 6th July, 2003

i finished, i submitted and i just gotta wait for the full thing to be posted, there are 7 more levels in it.
Posted by Smeggy 6th July, 2003

ah, ok, well it was the text that was used, looked to basic..





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