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Friday the 13th
Author: aaron_brammer Submitted: 28th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 161

My first complete game. This is the basic friday the 13th game, its open source so make some mods dammit. Yeah, when you goto this site, you must join in order to download the game. Its worth the effort, i hope. OK, so press ctrl to stab, kill all teens, its that easy.

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Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 29th June, 2003

the download link at the page doesnt work.. and i am registered
Posted by aaron_brammer 29th June, 2003

you must be logged in prior to clicking on the link and i tried it then, it works fine
Posted by danjo 30th June, 2003

you can stick your signup right up your arse mate !
Posted by danjo 30th June, 2003

clever huh !
Posted by aaron_brammer 30th June, 2003

not really, but dont post crap like that, it just wastes space and time
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 30th June, 2003

i was logged in. by some reason i had to right click the download link at press save target as, otherwise it wouldnt find the file -:/
Posted by Arvid Ögren 30th June, 2003

Is it relly you that made this game? I remember playing this quite along time ago...oh well i find it funny some times...
Posted by FusionDogg 30th June, 2003

that was utterlly pointless.
Posted by Pyro 30th June, 2003

I agree with danjo, signups are lame and a hassle.
Posted by aaron_brammer 30th June, 2003

yes signups are lame and a hassle, and what game really has a point? yeah, i made it, the manager of the site played betas and uber incomplete versions as time went by, your probably thinking of camp blood from fista, that was more of a zelda type game though.
Posted by Erik 1st July, 2003

Camp blood from fista was soo cool. Is your better or worse?
Posted by aaron_brammer 1st July, 2003

mine has more gameplay and slightly better graphics, plus, mines scrolling and set up to be like any one of the movies.
Posted by danjo 2nd July, 2003

a waste of time is signing up. what do we get for that? spammed mailboxes full of shit. and what do you get? probably cash for us suckers signing on! i would have a look at the game, but i and i spose a lot of others wouldnt bother if it meant signing up. loose it.
Posted by aaron_brammer 2nd July, 2003

this site doesnt spam, just tell it youll read th emails online
Posted by aaron_brammer 2nd July, 2003

besides, the whole thing is non profit





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