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Around The World 3D
Author: Poke & Gravy Submitted: 22nd December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 323

Edited By Poke & Gravy on 12/23/2002

Edited By Poke & Gravy on 12/22/2002

Poke, Gravy, Dave and Shears travel to far off 3D lands in this new game that is all about the skills. The Poke & Gravy team was able to create a beautiful game with a 3D engine. Pick your character wisely as each has a different advantage, and control him skillfully as he travels forward at high speeds through a 3D level, jumping and stopping at a touch of a button, hopefully in time. Fall off three times, and you'll have to try again. As you head through each land, you'll have to look for clock markers on the ground; they will reward you with time and extra lives. At the end of each world, you will be rewarded with a funny little scene of the four characters on their journey. The game comes with four worlds, but make sure to check back to the Poke & Gravy site, as more worlds will be released periodically! Enjoy this visually stunning 3D game.

This may be the first klik game to truly utilize the Mode 7ex object, a very good tool for this sort of thing. Be sure to check it out for fun 3D experience. This is the 5th Poke & Gravy game to be submitted to the Daily Click, and the Poke & Gravy series has proved to be somewhat of a success. If you have not checked out the other games starring Poke, Gravy and friends, be sure to do so, especially Turkey Sub II, which is very fun. And to check out more Poke & Gravy daily comics, games and animations, go to

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  (8mb )

Posted by lars 23rd December, 2002

Link doesnt work! :(
Posted by Rohan 23rd December, 2002

Yeah, you're right, but just copy and paste the url above -
Posted by Broomie 23rd December, 2002

Posted by Broomie 23rd December, 2002

this games kicks ass! I've only played 4 levels and i think this game rules. I'm writing a review already. Trust me it will be good. Good job.
Posted by Rohan 23rd December, 2002

Wow, having just got through the first 2 worlds and being oh-so-close to the end of the second level of the 3rd world, I can say that this game rocks! Not only is it a never-before-seen type of Click game, but the gameplay's awesome! It's very addictive! I can see a lot of new Click games of this genre coming in the near future. Great job :D
Posted by Evil Monkey 23rd December, 2002

Very nice! :) I've found a bug though. The second time item on level 4-5 does nothing!
Posted by Flava 23rd December, 2002

Posted by Poke & Gravy 23rd December, 2002

Very glad to see you are enjoying our game. I'd love to make GOTW. Keep an eye out for more worlds to download soon. --Ellery and Alex
Posted by Andos 23rd December, 2002

The movement of the characters are the worst thing i have ever tried... It's frustrating. Graphics isn't everything!!!
Posted by Lew 23rd December, 2002

Cool! Anders, i think the movement is cool :D its a bit restricted, but that just adds to the fun!
Posted by Poke & Gravy 23rd December, 2002

This game's not for everyone, and we know it's challenging. We put a lot of effort into making the engine smooth and fun. We also put four characters in for a reason, so players can choose the one that they like best.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 23rd December, 2002

Where have peoples minds all gone!?Dc is turning to crap(It really is i like Dc still tho):(.This game isnt that great and it DEFINITELY doesnt deserve a 10.Its not a very good example its ok.It deserves around a 4 or maybe a lil higher sorry :(.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 23rd December, 2002

Derek, you don't have to like the game, but does that mean that the entire DC has "gone crap"?
Posted by The Gonz 23rd December, 2002

Very nice first attempt at a "3D" MMF game! There are many places to go with this concept, and I look forward to seeing many more!
Posted by Evil Monkey 23rd December, 2002

I've completed the game! You really should start releasing those downloadable level packs! :D
Posted by Poke & Gravy 23rd December, 2002

The level packs will come soon! :)
Posted by Muggus 24th December, 2002

Nice game! Good challenge...seems like some game i've played before, but I forget the name...very good use of Mode 7 use for it so far, well done :D!
Posted by Shen 24th December, 2002

Derek: Then review it and give it what you see fit.
Posted by Lew 24th December, 2002

Derek: You make better. This is an extremely good game to the CLICK COMMUNITY. It looks rubbish to others, but its a great achievment!
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 24th December, 2002

I didnt say this game made it crap :-p.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 24th December, 2002

A lot of Klik games look bad compared to professional games.
Posted by funkyseaweed 24th December, 2002

Its a cool game!! I didn't get past the first level, but the graphics are cool and I suck at most games.
Posted by Shen 24th December, 2002

The sheep guy is the best to use IMHO
Posted by Robbie Shields 25th December, 2002

Wow, best use of the Mode 7 extension I've seen yet! Great job! :D
Posted by Chrisbo 25th December, 2002

I kinda like it, reminds me of 3-D Worldrunner for NES. Graphics could be better, and maybe add a little more variety (maybe you could jump on different heights or something? Skyroads 3D is a good example of what I'm trying to explain, and it's the same premise as this game. Good job overall!
Posted by Partack 25th December, 2002

not a bad game o_o completed the game.. was kinda easy.. the last level dissapointed me cos it was too short.. by te ay SOMEBODY has kiddie interactive games on their pc that they ripped music from ;) not mentioning any names ;) *Caughfunschoolin dreamlandCaugh* ?:P
Posted by OOOPPPs 27th December, 2002

Kewl.. the only game to date that actually uses the mode7 ext.. good work.
Posted by Ecstazy 28th December, 2002

Very nice, but the movement is rather annoying. ;)
Posted by mrEkli [NewKlear] 28th December, 2002

Need... sequel... or level maker... Or could you already make a level? If so, how so?
Posted by Poke & Gravy 28th December, 2002

It is possible to make a world. In about a week we will release some step by step instructions on our site! A sequal is a possibility. Also, new worlds will be released periodically at!
Posted by Deathbringer 29th December, 2002

This game is fun XD, even if i do find it a bit hard, but then i cant pass my demo level of Mafia or escape the triad gunmen in the Getaway (well, the pigs seem to be helping them out). aye well, i'll keep trying XD
Posted by funkyseaweed 29th December, 2002

very cool game!
Posted by AndyUK 2nd January, 2003

making the graphics better would slow down the speed on slower pcs (probably). poke and gravy probably thought of that.
Posted by dudeguydud 2nd January, 2003

takes too long to download
Posted by Poke & Gravy 2nd January, 2003

There is a quality options thing to adjust the quality of the 3D to the power of your PC.
Posted by Beppo 3rd January, 2003

I don't understand... I don't find something so good in this game, but the problem is another... you will agree with me that there is something real strange in this gotw... look at left. I think that 100 points in a day is a very very strange thing...
Posted by Beppo 3rd January, 2003

So... was a bug of the site:) I don't knew that... Better so:P About the game... I die because i can't jump when I respawn after died... Not so funny... and is quite boring, needs more obstacles!! And, sure, more animation frames...
Posted by Alex Scobell 6th January, 2003

Alright game. When will these extra levels be avalible?
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 27th January, 2003

This has made me an Even Bigger Poke and Gravy fan!!! Great game, Great use with Mode 7!! it actually runs smoth compared to most others...
Posted by Airflow 27th February, 2004

This game looks bloody good! Curse that 8mb, otherwise i'd download it.
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

Wooow nice game! Like the graphix, nice that peaple are actualy able to make 3d games without actual funding :P






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