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Review: Around The World 3D
Author: DaBreegster
Added: 27/12/2002

This game doesn't really have a story plot, but the gameplay and graghics make up for it!
This game will have you replaying the worlds at least 5-10 times! The levels are really large and fun and since it's a 3D game, it's like a platform arcade game but in 3D! Wonderful!
The graghics are about average, but I give them a 10 because they are in 3D. The graghics are nice and pretty}
{Sound and Music}
Their is basicly not much sound, but the music makes up for it! The music is from assorted games, but the creator sure chose nice music. The music is really in tune and it gets you excited about the level.
You will replay each of the 4 levels at least 5 times, the 3rd and 4th level at least 10 times. But once you beat all the levels, that's it. Nothing else to do!
Overall, this game rocks. The music and 3D graghics improve the gameplay and whenever you are stuck on a level, you will keep trying to beat it until it's completed. Great game! Download it! Also, there will be added levels! Nice!
{Suggestions to Improve the Game}
To make this game even BETTER, follow these steps!
*Add extra levels, and sometimes have the levels inside, like in the interior of a cave or something.
*Have enemies and obstacles. Also have powerups like limited-time jetpacks of something.
*The platforms in which you jump and land on should be more interactive. Like in harder levels, have some of the platforms move or shrink as you approach them.
*Make a better story plot and explain the purpose of the game.
*Have customizable characters.
*When you beat all the levels, have some secrets! And bonus levels!
*Make a 3D Adventure game starring these characters!

Well, that's about it! This game rocks! Download it or suffer the consequences of your mind telling you to download it! Great game, keep up the work!


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