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Review: Around The World 3D
Author: ShyGuy182
Added: 29/12/2002

I myself have enjoyed all of the Poke and Gravy games, so I had no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't enjoy "Around the World 3D". I assumed it was a good game, but I did not know how good this game would turn out to be.


Around The World 3D has four worlds to explore in all, and you have the choice to play any of them when you first start the game (you can download more levels at the Poke and Gravy website). You can also choose many different characters to play as, and each of the characters has their own special attributes. Now for the game itself. To clear each stage, you must make it to the end of a path, each with different obstacles. You also have a time limit to clear each level, but nothing to worry about, you can collect time powerups that give you more time to clear each stage. After you clear a complete level (there are multiple stages in a level), you get to view a short mini-movie featuring the Poke and Gravy characters. The game is also very challenging. However, there is a downside to the gameplay in this game. There is one annoying glitch that if you fall into a gap, you will sometimes not be able to move your character, causing you to loose multiple lives. Overall though, the Gameplay in Around The World 3D is great. 8/10


The graphics in Around the World 3D are truly amazing. It's no Xbox game, but the graphics for this game pass with flying colors. The game uses the Mode 7 object for MMF, which allows game creators to create 3D landscapes. The characters are greatly drawn and animated, and the levels are beautiful. 10/10


Around the World 3D has some catchy tunes in it, and will cause you to hum and whistle every song once you get to know it. The music fits each level perfectly. However, there is not many SFX in the game. 8/10


In my opinion, Around the World is a superb game with some minor flaws. I can't wait to download some of those extra worlds! 9/10

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